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Hatfield McCoy Oct 2017 Part 1: East Indian Ridge Trails


YouTube - http://www.rzrsedgeinmotion.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rzrsedgeinmotion Twitter - https://twitter.com/rzrsedgemotion Chances are, if you even have a passing interest in off road, you've heard of the Hatfield McCoy Trail system in southern West Virginia. If you haven't, then you're missing out on an ATV playground that currently spans 7 different off-road parks sprawled across 6 counties, each connected via trails or ATV-friendly towns and roads. The minute my girls heard about this place they were asking to go. It took some time to get the trip organized, and just after we finally got plans made, I ended up with an injury that left me sidelined for several weeks, missing our usual July 4th trip. This, along with a very busy summer, left some doubt if this trip was even going to happen at all. But, we overcame every obstacle that was thrown our way, and managed to hit the road on schedule for our very first trip to Northfork, West Virginia, to the lovely Ashland Resort. Our buddy Wade and his daughter Laura arrived ahead of us, and we met some new friends who came out to ride.

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