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Opening and Closing to Dora The Explorer Swing Into Action VHS 2001


I do not own any of these videos they belong to Viacom so no copyright infringement intended Opening 1. Motion picture rating 2. Rugrats in Paris The Movie VHS and DVD promo 3. Nick Jr. VHS and DVD promo 4. Paramount logo 5. Coming to Videocassette 6. The Little Bear Movie VHS and DVD promo 7. Rugrats 10 year anniversary Decades in Diapers VHS and DVD promo 8. Paramount Feature Presentation 9. Paramount logo 1986-2003 10. Nick Jr. bumpers 11. Face 12. Dora the Explorer theme song Closing 1. Last few seconds of the program 2. Face 3. Ending of Nick Jr. bumpers 4. Ending credits 5. Nick Jr. Productions 6. Nick Jr. Bears logo 7. Nickelodeon dog bone logo 8. Paramount logo 1986-2003

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