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Saturday, June 5th, 2021


Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Reset & Unlock When Forgot Password

A while back I wrote a tutorial on how to reset your Samsung Galaxy S II Plus when you forgot your passcode. Since the tutorial was successful, I thought I would write another one for users who forgot their passcode. Although a few Samsung Galaxy S II Plus owners have tried resetting their phone to factory setting, there has been no official procedure to do so. And there was no way to do so before. But not anymore. This tutorial will show you how to reset your phone without aRead More

How To Remove Google Drive On Mac

What if you don’t want to use Google Drive for your file storage, but you still want to use it for your Google Docs. How can you delete or disable its drive on your Mac? Disabling Google Drive on a Mac is extremely easy (and all done in seconds), so there’s no need to panic if you have it installed on your system. If you use Google Drive on your computer, you might have noticed that it can sometimes take up a lot of space. Well, the good news isRead More