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Yin ca leec mama_ Alijoma Mabil


Yin ca leec mama meaning in DINKA, i thank you Mum by alijoma I THANK YOU MUM FOR; - Giving Birth To Me - Raising Me & Looking after me from day to night (toddler to my presence) - You never left me, you never forgot about me - i don't know what to reward you with - your unconditional love never show any symptoms of Fade. - You TOOK me out of destruction carrying me on your back when bullets flying from the ground and jet fighters from above. - When am sick you cure me, when am hungry u feed me when am thirsty you give me water. - My brothers and Sisters, please obey your mother. Make her your second GOD. - The struggle and mindset of every woman is the same so please NEVER yell or shout or beat your MOTHER.

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