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【 grow taller to your desired height ୨♡୧ subliminal 】


୨♡୧ f e a t u r e s : ♡ become taller and gain inches in height ♡ have a proportionate taller body ♥ n o t e s ♥ ♡ wear headphones/earphones while listening ♡ all of my subliminals are available for download ♡ non-English speakers can listen if they understand most of the English language ♡ to tell if two subliminals clash, examine the description and what it does and if they contrast deeply they do indeed clash together ♡ you can listen while sleeping and doing anything else but it's best not to listen while doing something with intense focus (ex: operating a car) ♡ you should listen to the subliminal 2-6 times daily for the best results ♡ im currently no longer accepting requests ♡ subliminals are the affirmations masked behind the music to manifest changes in our physical/mental through our subconscious mind that controls every aspect of the human body ♡♡♡ milkeutea: "this is a request! stay healthy and rest well, once again. (I sound like my mom, lmao) Also, don't forget to update in the comment section! "

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