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Football betting tips | How do you predict a draw in football match?


Lay the draw is a popular Betfair trading strategy. But curiously sometimes the best way to thinking about which matches to trade with this strategy is to predict matches where it wouldn't work! In this video, we explore how to predict a draw and it's something I refined way back in the early 90's as I pursued my dream of winning the football pools. To do that I had to predict eight out of ten football matches as a draw and that's exactly what I achieved using the methods we mention in this video and some optimal covering. Predicting a draw can be really helpful when you are working other Betfair trading strategies as well or just a plain old traditional betting strategy. So whichever you choose to use it, watch this video and learn how I would recommend you predict a draw in a football match. For related videos check out other football content on the channel where I go into much more depth about forecasting goals. Enjoy! #football #bettingtips #draw

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