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MUST TRY NOW: "( WARNING ) VERY POWERFUL 20 MIN THIRD EYE MUSIC | Instant Third Eye Stimulation | THETA REALMS Third Eye Binaural Beats" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GfVKQ0pvbY --~-- ◭ ATTENTION : EXTREMELY POWERFUL SIXTH SENSE AWAKENING!!! ULTRA DEEP MEDITATION BINAURAL BEATS MUSIC | ULTRA DEEP BEST LUCID DREAMING MUSIC | AWAKEN THE FORCE ◮ ATTENTION!!! This is a powerful 2 hour deep theta LUCID DREAMING ASTRAL MEDITATION OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE MUSIC with powerful 6 tone theta binaural beats layers ( matrix ) EXCLUSIVE TO THETA REALMS. This brainwave sound journey is a powerful THETA LUCID DREAM INDUCER...Real deep...OMG deep!!! Starting in the lower beta range and taking the listener deeper and deeper as the brainwave meditation music ramps down to THETA where it cruises for a good hour to Stimulate potential Lucid Dreaming Experiences and astral plane navigation. The THETA BRAINWAVE rhythm then proceeds to go deeper and take another 15 min to ramp down where is it settles in DEEPER THETA MEDITATION STATE for a good hour and a half and drops even further in the last half hour. THIS IS ADVANCED BRAINWAVE MEDITATION!!! STIMULATION for experienced sound induced theta brainwave meditation practitioners. However if your new you can still give it a try without fear and perhaps you will have a powerful experience with lucid dreaming , astral projection and super deep meditation. As a rule if any audio program with sound wave or tone stimulation makes you feel not good THERE IS ALWAYS a choice to not use it or listen to it. This can be applied to Theta Realms Brainwave Meditation music or other content creators. MOST POWERFUL ULTRA DEEP THETA MEDITATION / INTENSE ASTRAL PLANE MEDITATION MUSIC / 6 TONE BINAURAL BEATS CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING / BEST LUCID DREAMING MUSIC / OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE WHAT IS THE 6 TONES YOU USED? THE 6 BINAURAL BEATS TONES ARE unique in selection and provide a tottally new brainwave stimulating experience from any other theta realms meditation music. These binaural beats are all synchronized to the main THETA frequency settings. In other words all 6 binaural beat tones resonate in unison to induce deep theta. These 6 layers of binaural beats also resonate in tuned pitches or sound tones and they are all different. Perfect for intense lucid dreaming experiences or super deep theta meditation. hand picked and tuned by mr theta for your ULTRA DEEP MEDITATION NEEDS. These 6 Binaural beats tones were specifically selected by Mr Theta for his and your lucid dreaming astral projection deep meditation needs. Indeed all 6 binaural beat tones create a distinct matrix of sound that is powerful and you will feel it fast upon utilizing this brainwave meditation. So do be aware and be prepared to go deep! real deep! ◭ ATTENTION : EXTREMELY POWERFUL SIXTH SENSE AWAKENING!!! ULTRA DEEP MEDITATION BINAURAL BEATS MUSIC | ULTRA DEEP BEST LUCID DREAMING MUSIC | AWAKEN THE FORCE ◮ EXCLUSIVE TO THETA REALMS? Just like the 12 tone matrix series AND 9 dimensions...THE 6 TONE sixth sense awakening is a matrix of binaural beat tones that i will use for future sound journeys and meditations - As an original creative thought dictates to promote new and interesting experiences brought to you by theta realms - creating the best lucid dreaming music and ultra deep astral meditation experiences using binarual beats. Please Rate share and comment and stay tuned for Much More! Music Custom Composed by mr Theta for Theta Realms - Theta Realms Brainwave Meditation Music Creates best Lucid Dreaming music to induce Lucid Dreams and extremely powerful Binaural Beats Brainwave Theta Meditation Music and Astral Projection Music to navigate what many call the Astral Plane. Amazing Theta Binaural Beats and custom Music created for Out of Body Perception. THETA REALMS 2017 (C) USES & TAGS.......................................................................................... Deep meditation, Deep inner focus, deep body relax, vivid dream like experiences, lucid dreams, out of body perception, astral travel, inner exploration through sound waves,powerful relaxation, lucid dreaming, out of body perception, stress release, deep sleep ,vivid dreams, sound healing, powerful stress reducer, Astral Travel, theta induction, Lucid dream method,deep relaxation, deep binaural beats,isochronic tones, ambient space music, obe, binaural beats astral projection, astral projection meditation, binaural beats meditation, astral travel meditation, lucid dreaming music, astral projection experience, out of body experiences, astral music, out of body experience music,astral projection music, astral projection, out of body experience, binaural beats, astral travel, astral projection binaural beats, lucid dreaming, relaxing music, meditation music

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