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Landmarq - Narovlya (lyrics in the text below)


WTH!? Nowhere on YouTube? Such a fabulous song, from their third album. Once agan with Damian Wilson, this would be his last album with the band. Intense music, lyrics and vocals. Hearing the lyrics, it is not that hard to tell what it is about. Love how the lyrics flow so well with the music. This song is just to enjoy, to support the artist, to get the music across. To let the music be heard, that is what it deserves. If you like the song, you might want to buy the album. (This song was inspired by the letter of a kindergarten teacher, Valentina Klimchenko, who was a witness to the devastation of the people of her home town, Narovlya, in Belarus after the terrible catastrophe of the Chernobyl nuclear accident on the borders of the Ukraine and Belarus on 26th April 1986) i) reflection a small quiet place, in the gomel region, good-hearted people gathered round on one fine spring morning, in narovlya, a ghostly dust engulfed the town as the children played, I’ll remember that day as the music played for the rest of my life ii) may day it’s the first day of may and all of our childeren have gone out to play, it’s our celebration, it’s tradition, for us all our flags and our banners hang over our doors, in the pripyat we’re swimming, sunbathers sleep on while around us metals fall town bosses said it was safe, don’t panic their plea but rumours they quickly spread that all was not well who could tell? fallout you don’t see iii) evacuation the 6th of may one morning we were summoned to the school our children must be moved away, for how long, nobody knew we told each house throughout the night, the town it didn’t sleep mothers, fathers, all were weeping as they watched their children leave iv) emptiness helpless we stand, united in grief dazed and confused, we cry out in disbelief our lands now destroyed, we look towards the skies with outstretched hands we try to grasp the lies, and through it all.... we were never told the truth cruel that you are, we have no time for hate fools that you are, from the comfort of your state what became of our beloved Belarus? what’s become of our own flesh and blood? what’s to become of those you left behind? what right did you have to leave us here to die? and through it all.... we never knew the truth.... v) clean up september came upon us, white soldiers they appeared washing down our houses, all surface soil was cleared we watched from open windows as they wore respirators here they covered our grounds in asphalt removing every tree in fear no picking mushrooms, the forest was out of bounds no fishing in the rivers, contamination all around and though the sun was shining there was danger everywhere as lorries moved our people, our hearts would always be there (until we meet again - my home Narovlya) vi) epilogue although we’ve resettled I re-live those years, I dream of my home town but cannot hold back all those fears, all of those tears what price do our children truly pay in the end? do they have a future? I hope in my sorrow their scars will heal, their hearts will mend lyrics & music - leigh © synergy records

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