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Content Writing Training Course - How The Course Works


How to become an effective content writer? You can be in the course within this week ! Just visit http://www.contentwritingtraining.com and download the application. We'll assist you from there. What is Content Writing? Content writing is creating content that is easily understandable to the intended audience. This includes writing from scratch to editing. Content writing also includes researching any topic and then writing content that is targeted, easy to read and understand. Writers develop content for -- Newsletters, Press releases, Articles, Journals, Publications, Advertisements, Academics, Scripts, Narratives and Books etc. How to Become an Effective Content Writer? To become an effective content writer you need to understand the process of writing, know exactly what the client wants, should have the ability to work with experts from other fields and deliver on time. This course is designed to help you build lasting writing skills. The course is built around a highly-researched set of core competencies which will help you understand the nitty gritties of writing. Course Highlights Orientation The orientation focuses on gearing you up for the course. Module I: Essentials of Writing Why Become a Writer? Do I have Writing Talent? It's a Mistaken Question Ways to get inspired to create content -- Break through the Block Module II: Before You Write This module will introduce you to the world of writing. It starts with the introduction to writing itself followed by explanation of the different career opportunities. Then you will learn the planning process in writing and the set of guidelines to remember. Later you will focus on knowing about reader centric writing. Finally you will learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Introduction to Writing -- Different types of information Planning Your Writing Guidelines to Write What is a reader centric document? Reading for Writing Referencing and Plagiarism Module III: Write Right This module focuses on explaining in detail the complete process of writing. You will learn the skills of inventory collection, comprehension, critical reading, pre-writing, writing effective paragraphs, paraphrasing and also communications with experts. At the end of this module you will be able to develop content which is clear and easy to understand. Reading for Writing Writing Effective Paragraphs Prewriting Effective writing Communication with Subject Matter Expert Grammar for Writers Common Grammatical Errors Module IV: After You Write This module will help you gain the important skills of proofreading and self editing. At the end of the module you will able to clear most of the errors that would have occurred in your write ups. Proof Reading Editing Communication with Graphic Artist Rewriting Module V: Publishing -- Project Work Writing for Web Publishing -- Project Work Module VI: Career Development for Writers Professional Development Skills "content writing training" content-writing-training content,writing,training "content writing training course" content-writing-training-course content,writing,training,course "content writing courses" content-writing-courses content,writing,courses writing training, writing course, writing courses, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C61wgfdQXWE

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