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Superbook - Let My People Go! - Season 1 Episode 4 - Full Episode (Official HD Version)


Official Full Episode. Watch more episodes for free in the Superbook App (https://goo.gl/HUuVYU) or on the Superbook Kids Website (https://goo.gl/2N1nE1). Want to Know God? Find out How (https://goo.gl/A74PhU). Get the latest episodes and help share Superbook (https://bit.ly/2ylNp5h). Superbook Episode 4 - "Let My People Go": When Chris and the others talk about their favorite Superbook adventures, they have a hard time deciding which adventure was the best. Suddenly, Superbook appears to whisk them away on the adventure of a lifetime. They experience first hand Moses leading the Exodus from Egypt! ➤ Subscribe to our channel for Superbook full episodes, behind the scenes interview and more Superbook Shows! https://www.youtube.com/SuperbookTV ➤ Subscribe to our Superbook Full Episode playlist! http://share.cbn.com/5zf6k ➤ The free Superbook Bible app contains free full Superbook episodes, games and an easy to understand Bible! https://goo.gl/HUuVYU ➤ Want to Know God? Discover How! https://goo.gl/A74PhU ➤ Enjoy the Superbook free kids’ website for full episodes, games, giveaways, and fun! https://goo.gl/2N1nE1 ➤ Become a member of the Superbook DVD Club for monthly DVD specials! https://goo.gl/zt3LWz ➤ Superbook toys make great gifts for your kids! https://goo.gl/2DWzFz ➤ Discover Biblical truths with lessons from Superbook Academy: https://goo.gl/RHiB4S ➤ Get the latest episodes and help share Superbook around the World by supporting Superbook Project: https://bit.ly/2ylNp5h

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