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Dino James - Kaalia [Official Lyric Video]


It’s a common unsaid emotion, its my experiences being a dark guy in India, in my style, its funny that we live in a country where more than 70 % population is dark, but we still crave for fair skin, not fair right? Presenting KAALIA, its ok be dark… Follow us on : YouTube - http://bit.ly/DinoJamesOfficial Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DinoJMS/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/dinojimmyy Song Credits: Special thank you to Shadab Rayan for mixing and mastering music produced by: Riddhiman Chatterje Video concept and editing: Himanshu Tyagi Additional vocals: Sweetie, Aadya Sagar, Shalini Kapoor Sagar, Riddhiman Chatterje Photography: Saif Moin Khan Musical creative team: Nilesh Patel, Girish Nakod Thanks to : Sooraj Harry ,Divya James , Jaspreet Singh Chhabra, Ajay Sharma , Malini Kapoor Sharma, Saif Moin Khan, Rohit Sagar Vocals Recorded At : AMV studios Mumbai Recording Engineer: Rahul written/composed /and rap by: Dino James

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