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Wage War - The River (Official Music Video)


ITUNES: http://smarturl.it/wwblueprints "The River" taken from Wage War's debut album 'Blueprints.' Get the album now in stores & online. Stay connected: http://wagewarband.com http://facebook.com/wagewar http://twitter.com/wagewar http://instagram.com/wagewarofficial Video by Graham Fielder. http://grahamfielder.com Produced by Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade. Mixed by Andrew Wade. LYRICS: Trust is dead, like everything else you said. Each word more meaningless than the next. Your lips and your lies have severed the ties. I don't deserve this and you don't deserve me. I should've known but I doubted myself. Gave you every benefit of a doubt, I wanted no one else but I guess I wasn't enough for you. Don't pretend like we can recover, when you chose the lust of another. Where did I go wrong? I know I wasn't perfect but I certainly tried so hard. Was it a moment of weakness, or was it the thrill? Did you ache for a feeling, that you faked to feel? Don't pretend like we can recover, when you chose the lust of another I see your wandering eyes and second glances but I see through your lies no second chances Cut me free, you'll never be what I need. I hope you choke on the words I was lead to believe. Like a puppet on your strings, control means everything. And in my heart I want to forgive you. That doesn't mean I'll forget, you'll always be my regret. Here's to a past I'll never need. No “here’s to you. Rest in peace."

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