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All 7 Chakras ➤ Higher Vibration | Expanding Consciousness ➤ Chakra Activation Frequencies


All 7 Chakra Activation Healing Frequencies For Higher Vibration & Expanding Consciousness | Ambient Chakra frequency Music - Soft Ambience. We have created this video for you and your healing. A fast and effective way to release energy blockage in the body is through sound. It is a very direct and vibrational energy that is immediately responded to by the energy field in your body. Listening and meditating to this video will help you activate energy movement in all your 7 chakras. For now, you can allow the music to do the work for you! Enjoy the healing. You deserve it, you wonderful expression of life! The frequencies and singing bowl keynotes used in the video: Root chakra- Solfeggio frequency 396Hz / singingbowl Keynote C Sacral chakra- Solfeggio frequency 417Hz/ singingbowl keynote D Solar plexus- Solfeggio frequency 528Hz/ singingbowl keynote E Heart chakra- Solfeggio frequency 639Hz/ singingbowl keynote F Throat chakra- Solfeggio frequency 741Hz/ singingbowl keynote G Brow chakra- Solfeggio frequency 852Hz/singingbowl keynote A Crown Chakra- Solfeggio frequency 963Hz/singingbowl keynote A ABOUT THE SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES: https://selfhealingcollective.com/healing-solfeggio-frequencies/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHAKRAS: https://selfhealingcollective.com/chakras-introduction/ ROOT CHAKRA: https://selfhealingcollective.com/root-chakra/ SACRAL CHAKRA: https://selfhealingcollective.com/sacral-chakra/ SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: https://selfhealingcollective.com/what-is-the-solar-plexus-chakra/ HEART CHAKRA: https://selfhealingcollective.com/what-is-the-heart-chakra/ THROAT CHAKRA: https://selfhealingcollective.com/what-is-the-throat-chakra/ THIRD EYE CHAKRA: https://selfhealingcollective.com/what-is-the-third-eye-chakra/ CROWN CHAKRA: https://selfhealingcollective.com/what-is-the-crown-chakra/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WELCOME TO SELF HEALING COLLECTIVE. What we wish for you: Peace, healing, purpose, knowledge, connection and spiritual awakening. What we believe in: Balance, power of the mind, spirituality, growth, oneness, meditation, wisdom. What we stand for: empowerment through self-healing and that all of us have great power within. What we support: Everything that promotes health, personal, physical, and spiritual growth. We support you on your path of self-discovery and growth. What we care about: The evolution of our people and the direction we are going collectively as a species. We believe in raising the vibration of Earth. We care about the planet that is our home. Our spirit greets yours. Infinite love to all, Christine & Hanne

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