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Identities original meme (flipaclip)


Hi icecolo edited again lol https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb84RTiB3yZG_tTXpqlKk2w Hey guys check out my awesome cartoon animation made with #flipaclip :D I mean what. Uh Music::https://youtu.be/bZH7H8A6T2w Characters(in order): 1Shape shifty snakey man 2Willow 3Tyler 4Dezzimelle 5Axel 6Lisa 7Travis The only characters that are their "true selves" (so not evil snake guy) in the video are Willow (who's possessed by snake man lol) and Lisa in the part where's she like uh.. Crying and moaning or whatever GwG So if you couldn't tell already this video has a hell of a lot more effort than my usual content :,)) I spent over a month on this so sorry if the art style is inconsistent or the animation quality ECT. I've said this before... But i really need to actually make an effort this time. I want to improve my content, myself and my artwork. I want to make more than just animation memes. I of course won't STOP making memes because my channel would just fucking die lol. But i want to make better content that more people can enjoy. This is like the 6000th time I've said this but I'm really trying this time :__( I'll have to admit.. I'm getting really tired of doing the same old thing over and over. I need to start a new. Thank you guys for the support ilysm

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