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🌟 WELCOME 🌟 Affirmations: ♣️remove all blockages ♣️decrease my height ♣️symmetrical and proportionate body ♣️shrink to my desired height ♣️reduce my height ♣️manifest my results easily, effortlessly + immediate ♣️manifest full & permanent results while I sleep + every time I wake up ,drink , eat + every time I randomly think ♣️believe in myself + in this subliminal ♣️BOOSTER + LOA + SAFE PERMANENT RESULTS 🚹 NEED INFORMATION FAQ ? GO TO : https://magictaliesin.wixsite.com/subliminals ℹ️ Information ☁️ Headphones 🎧 : optional (with headphones results are faster) ☁️ Results : between 2 weeks to 6 months ☁️ Listen Time : at least 2 times/ 20 minutes a day ☁️ For faster results : listen to blockages removal + booster/law of attraction ☁️ Drink water💧 : constantly when you listen to subliminals ☁️ My subliminals : have affirmations & music (no binaural beats) ⛔️ WARNING ⛔️ Please Read Thank You 🌝 : 📌if you get a headache or nausea that means you're listening for way too long and I suggest you to stop immediately and restart when you're fine 📌 Before changing your playlist it's reccomended listening to a Subliminal Flush at least 1 Day 📌 Forced subliminal are very strong use it with caution ⏺ Listen at Your own risk & Your own choice.

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