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TOP 20 SECRETLY BALD MOVIE STARS (using a hair piece, wig or hair implants)


20 MOVIE STARS SECRETLY BEING BALD AND WEARING A HAIR SYSTEM Some movie stars don't seem to age. Almost none of the male hollywood actors, is getting bald. Apparently, No man in Hollywood has a receding hairline or is thinning on top. While, outside of the Hollywood movie industry, 50% of men develop male pattern baldness at the age of 40. At the age of 60, about 90 percent of men is balding or close to completely bald. Here is the big secret of Hollywood: Actors have hair loss too. But most of the Hollywood actors who have passed the age of 40, and who do not show any sign of male baldness, they are wearing wigs, hair pieces, hair implants, hair plugs, hair systems, etcetera. So, here goes: finally the big secret revealed: here are 20 hollywood actors who are secretly balding and who wear hair systems to hide their baldness. Disclaimer: I gave it my best shot to make this my most ridiculous video up to date. Hideous voice-over, over the top epic background music and a multitude of cheesy lines either to entertain or annoy you. It's up to you. But do let me know in the comments what you think about this! Do you agree with the list?

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