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【 lose 15 pounds a day ୨♡୧ subliminal 】


୨♡୧ f e a t u r e s : ♡ remove fat from every part of the body (hips, calves, quads, abdomen, arms, etc) ♡ safely shed 15 pounds every day rapidly and quickly ♡ fast, healthy metabolism ♥ n o t e s ♥ ♡ wear headphones/earphones while listening ♡ all of my subliminals are available for download ♡ non-English speakers can listen if they understand most of the English language ♡ to tell if two subliminals clash, examine the description and what it does and if they contrast deeply they do indeed clash together ♡ you can listen while sleeping and doing anything else but it's best not to listen while doing something with intense focus (ex: operating a car) ♡ you should listen to the subliminal 2-6 times daily for the best results ♡ im currently no longer accepting requests ♡ subliminals are the affirmations masked behind the music to manifest changes in our physical/mental through our subconscious mind that controls every aspect of the human body ♡♡♡ milkeutea: "this isn't a request. But, like I stated before use precaution and DO NOT use while sleeping. You can use it if you know your body and you can handle it while resting. But if you're like me, guys, I'm deadass. (example: prone to injuries and can easily get physically ill.) Don't do it. I had a unflattering, health-concerning experience with a xyz pounds every day weight loss affirmation set from a subliminal of mine, and it was very troubling."

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