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ㄴ Kpop Combo ㄱ *requested* ㅡ soeuo°


this subliminal will give you : ㅡ pass online kpop audition 100% ㅡ get into desired company 100% ㅡ pass audition with your desired friends 100% ㅡ get selected with your desired friends in trainee years ㅡ get selected in the same group with your desired friends ㅡ go to korea in the same flight with your desired friends ㅡ your company pays everything for your group ㅡ debut sucessfully in the same group with your desired friends ㅡ extremely famous and worldwide kpop group like bts and blackpink ㅡ no hate or death threats • listen about 5-7 times a day. • you can listen overnight in your sleep • listen on low volume, not too low, but not too high. • drink water and stay hydrated. • and have belief! [ i accept requests ! comment whatever you want in the comments ] × song : BTS & BlackPink - run as if its your last piano mashup ×

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