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Lion King - Elephant Graveyard Fandub


VoiceActorDreamer - Banzai, Ed, Zazu SweetPoffin - Simba, Nala, Shenzi Will2Marie2 - Mufasa This scene is so badass, I had an old dub of this with HannahBell1000 earlier but I deleted it due to poor acting and poor mixing. Everything in this dub is made from scratch so ALOT of effort was put into it. All hyena growls are made by us and most sound effects. Exceptions are mostly Mufasa's roars along with some bone sfx I could save from th eoriginal clip. The rest of the bone sounds are two coathangers rubbed against eachother. SweetPoffin http://www.youtube.com/SweetPoffin She's simply an amazing voice actress, my sis in this category. She always delivers great acting with amazing versatility. Will2Marie2 http://www.youtube.com/Will2Marie2 I asked Will in a skype call what he'd sound like as Mufasa, having no experience with him sounding menacing at all I was shocked when I heard his voice. His resonating low voice is simply amazing. Editing side note: The only pitched vocal effect here is Shenzi's growl when Simba scratches her. Elsie was all BAAAW about it so I just let her do it. Everything else is unmodified.

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