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Update Announcement and Delayed Video Previews [2016]


Hello, everybody. I'm still alive and I'm busy. I know I haven't upload any videos, but right now I'm dealing with college and work everyday. Also I can Voice act with my new microphone if you want me to voice act your video; although I'm gonna decide to which I can try or not to. Anyway thanks for reaching my channel 50,000 subs. I hope I can have time to work on my GMOD Videos, but I'm might be losing my motivation to do so. However, I'm getting motivational ideas for my next GMOD video that I could interested; including Splatoon. For my Motivation ideas from other references from video games: Fire Emblem Fates Super Smash Bros. Shantae Battlefield Black ops 3 Xenoblade Chronicles X and more... Also even other references from Anime series or game series that I played. Anyway, Thank you for subscribing my channel. For my Battlefield Persona to feature: Special Thanks to The Coldsnap Leader for my BF3 Persona: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tiagfuv0v0967vz/ASpider25%20persona%20stuff.zip?dl=0 With my MG36; even both for bodygroup. Music: Fire Emblem Fates OST - Castle #AlexSpider #ASpider25 #Spider #GMOD #SplatoonGMOD

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