Guide About Tazavesh (Veiled Market)

Tazavesh is a secret market placed in a dungeon. Players get access to it without much difficulty, but it is worth paying attention to the execution of the mandatory actions. It won’t take much time, if using some practical tips.

Mega Dungeon holds a lot of mysteries to solve. Merchants hide in different locations, so searching for them is part of the gameplay. Hints from experienced World of Warcraft explorers will help to simplify the game, but don’t deprive the pleasure from achieving the goal.

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Tazavesh: How to access the dungeon


The main difficulty is that the developers have well disguised the entrance to the mysterious location. It will not be possible to gain access without a prior preparation. Players who dare to travel to the secret market will need to complete several quests.

The Dungeon became available to thousands of accounts after the release of the long-awaited update. The new development has caused enthusiasm among regular players and the reason for it are its fascinating quests. For example, it is possible to find out where the entrance to the dungeon is after completing several quests.

The first action to do is to go and get the Au’manal of Oribos. It is handed by the tavern keeper at Oribos. Master Tarel, the owner of the Idyll, will share the secret and help to move on to the next stage. As a player progresses, they’ll be able to get information about where the entrance to the dungeon they’re looking for is located.

Activation of the dungeon hard mode level

In order to achieve the goal, it will be needed to obtain the Fraudulent Credentials and then exchange them for the Passably-Forged Credentials. The tasks must be completed gradually, without trying to circumvent the rules. It is possible to achieve the desired results by following this algorithm:

  1. Doubtful Merchant. The encounter with this character takes place immediately after defeating the first ringleader. The Merchant is hiding in the corner of the first staircase. From him, it is possible to buy the necessary Fraudulent Credentials.
  2. Au’manal. It will be possible to meet the owner of the Fraudulent Credentials after making three deals with the Broker. For best results, it’s worth having the support of a team that will fight off the mods. As a result, players receive a password that allows them to go to the next level.
  3. New Assignment. Obtaining the Fraudulent Credentials means that the Hard Mode has been activated. However, the dungeon exploration doesn’t end there. The reception of Passably-Forged Credentials awaits.

The interest to get another fake document is due to the fact that it will be possible to move to the Hard Mode level only a week after completing the quests. The new level becomes available after all the bosses are reset, which takes some time.

If players don’t want to wait at all, they need to make some more effort. Turning into a broker and communicating with the Headhunter allows you to activate the hard mode. Note that the activation will happen before the beginning of the event. Immediately after entering the location, it is necessary to activate the new difficulty level.

How to defeat bosses after activating the hard mode


The activation of the hard mode means that players will receive solid rewards for completing quests. The complexity of the levels increases, so it’s worth preparing carefully for the future battles. To surely achieve the needed results, take some simple tips from experienced players.

Zo’fhex the Sentinel

The first boss will be a real test for those who were not prepared for the difficulty. Players will need to disguise themselves as brokers and fight with mobs. If the normal difficulty level allows you to kill all enemies gradually, after the activation it will be necessary to fight all of them at the same time.

The combat begins after a character scan. This simple action is enough to make the disguise come off, and the enemy recognizes the hero as an enemy. The lack of space and the huge number of mobs should not be terrifying, because it is not difficult to kill the boss.

Au’myza’s Oasis


The battle with the boss takes place in several stages: musical and combat. Activating the hard mode of the game causes additional difficulties. The team must prepare for a hard battle and think about the role of each participant. Since mob Vilt is the most difficult opponent, it is worth pairing him with a tank.

Mailroom Mayhem

The players’ main task is to throw parcels into the open portal, but the task is a bit more difficult than as it first appears. Once the explosive box is lifted, a complete immobilization ensues. The task can be completed by forming a chain of players throwing a parcel into the portal. A new bomb explodes every 30 seconds.

The Menagerie


Take note: here it is necessary to fight three bosses at once. To win, players must deal heavy damage and try to reduce the opponent’s health as much as possible. The appearance of the next two bosses does not cause any damage if the destruction of the previous bosses was carried out qualitatively.


The duration of the attacks depends on the player’s speed. Damage as quickly as possible and the fight with the enemy will not last long. It is possible to reduce the risk of getting hit hard with every successive victory. A spell usually lasts 10 seconds and the duration of the next one depends on the team’s effort.



The damage dealt by the boss can be healed, so pay attention to the condition of characters and animals. Kill mobs and try to take down the boss to win the battle. It won’t be possible to increase the team efficiency, but experience tells that it is worth placing the players at a certain distance.

Timecap’n Hooktail

The only aspect to watch out for is the collision with spheres. Contact with them implies a loss of movement speed from the player. The victory depends on the thoughtful placement of the team.



The FTL charge can be disabled by destroying at least one relic. This will considerably weaken the boss and will allow fighting with him almost on equal terms. The collapsing star will cause less damage if it is countered by the most survivable character (e.g. a tank).