Should You Monitor Employees with GPS Trackers?

Regardless of the industry you work for, there are measures that your organization can take to keep you safe. For instance, if you are an equipment operator, your company should provide arm cuffs to protect your arms against steam burns. Or, if you are a secretary or administrator in a business office, ensuring that the wiring to your desktop equipment is tacked down and not in a place where it frequently trips is, of course, a safety precaution.

Continue reading to discover other reasons why for many jobs, tracking devices are essential to ensure employees’ safety during work hours.

Although there are agencies that set safety measures for jobs and industries, there is no way around it; unforeseen circumstances often result in job injuries. But tracking devices on persons or vehicles help protect employers and employees from harm, danger, and loss services.

Below are some of the prime reasons a company should consider using a tracking system and its use case in a wide range of industries.

Emergency Vehicle Dispatch


Although police, firefighters and ambulance workers may be equipped with body cameras these days, having a tracking device on their vehicle is essential. Tracking devices on vehicles help with dispatch to ensure that the drivers are where the emergency is.

In the case of a police officer, chasing a suspect could lure them to a whole other location without dispatch being notified. They could end up separated from one another and not know what position the other is in. Having a tracking device on their body and car allows employees in the office the ability to keep track of that car or cop.

Tracking devices on emergency response vehicles protect the employees and citizens and ensure that emergency workers are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Home Deliveries


The convenience of having items dropped on your doorstep has made deliveries to home services rise greatly. People order everything from home staples like toilet paper to alcohol and spirits to fast food. Since stores cannot discriminate or not deliver to homes because they aren’t in the best neighborhoods, having some type of tracking device on the vehicle is essential for the safety of the driver.

Having a GPS Tracking device on delivery vehicles is a huge benefit to employees who deliver because it allows the employer to track the movements of his worker.

Home Services


A lot can happen when a service worker is dispatched to work inside a home. Regardless of whether it is a plumber, electrician, or even an air conditioner repairman, working inside someone’s home could potentially be dangerous. It could be a setup for harm or it could be that mentioning the service needed could lead to disagreement over costs or even be something that doesn’t involve the worker. That means that working inside someone’s home could potentially be dangerous.

Therefore, having a tracking device inside the employees’ tool belt or kit keeps the employer with the employees during their work inside a home. The beauty of having it inside the tool belt or kit is that the employee feels safer and the homeowner has no idea that it is there.

Company Vehicle at Multiple Locations


Many organizations allow employees to use company vehicles. Most times, they are employees who drive during their work hours and may go to multiple places in a day. For instance, social workers may go to one home looking for a family and find out that the family has moved to another location.

Instead of having to call the company to notify them of their movement all day, having a tracking device on the car is great for agency use should something go wrong.

Another reason that tracking devices are great for company vehicles is so that they can monitor certain aspects of their employees’ work habits and ethics. Tracking devices ensure that employees are out in the field working during work hours and not simply goofing off.

No employees want to be micromanaged/ but for many jobs, tracking devices are essential to ensure employees’ safety during work hours. Tracking devices help keep employees safe and benefit the company as well.