3 Pros and Cons of Making DIY Wedding Bouquets

A wedding is considered to be a coronation of your relationship with your significant other. It is a testimony to what you have gone through so far and it should be a wow to the future you have ahead of you both.

Weddings are something special for each individual. Although it looks like you have seen one, you saw all – type of thing, it is different from one to other because main characters in that story are different. There are a few things that are usual for each wedding and there is no running away from that, but other small things can and are manipulated to fit your taste and the way the bride and groom imagined to be.

When it comes to this special day one person is in charge and it is the bride. She chooses everything from the decorations, to the flow of the wedding to the crown piece of it – the bouquet. A bride that enjoys a bit of DIY and that loves specially made flower arrangements that are one of a kind will most definitely choose this path to make her wedding day as unique as possible.

People making these DIY bouquets are very talented and you can truly have something that will make your day stand out from the crowd. Good thing is that there are plenty of tastes and plenty of masters of this craft meaning you can get these from almost everywhere and you can even send flowers to India if you like, just make sure u use flower delivery in Thane.

But this comes with some pros and cons like everything in life and this article will tell you a bit about those.


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1. Unique

The biggest pro for the DIY craft is that you get a unique thing for yourself. Those that don’t make a lot of these flower arrangements can’t easily replicate the same one many times. For those that like being one-of-a-kind this is a good deal and a good option. Some believe that bridal bouquets are not that special and that you don’t have to pay attention to them that much. The real deal is that the biggest part of the wedding is revolving around the groom, bride and what she holds in her hands.

2. Made to fit

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Every wedding has to be coordinated and has to fit with everything. Whether it is a colour theme, emotion theme or anything in between, some details have to fit with each other. Having a bouquet specially made for the bride to compliment her dress, makeup or to fit her and her groom even closely is imperative. Flowers are usually those that fill the gaps that are made at every wedding. They have to flow nicely, they have to be lively and they have to reflect a certain emotion of the happy couple that day.

3. Just as you want

People that are DIY savvy can make anything out of everything. This truly is an art form for itself and there is no doubt about that. The DIY knowledge when it comes to decorations and arrangements have taken this an entire step up. This means that bride can coordinate with whoever is doing this for her and can ask for specific things to be incorporated or to be excluded if they don’t fit her needs. This is an awesome perk of DIY flower bouquets. Those that are already made and waiting for you are limited in these options and you have to make do with what you have offered. This is why this part of the business is booming lately. Everyone wants to be special and want to stand out from the rest, which is making DIY businesses, especially in décor, so sought out for.


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1. Uncertainty

This is a problem with these things, no matter how positive they are. Uncertainty is something that scares us all, and in this case, it is regarding the quality and the result. It takes a lot of courage to place your trust in someone who you never met, who is either recommended by someone else or whose work you liked from the pictures. This is a special day for two very happy people and having to lay trust that someone will do a good job takes courage. Imagine that your entire ceremony and that day are perfectly planned but you get a bouquet that stands out so much it is soar for the eyes. This can be due to lack of skill from whoever made it, due to lack of communication or miscommunication and various other factors.

2. Integrity

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There is one thing we mentioned at the beginning of the article and it was that there are a lot of these DIY masters across the world and that calls for another concern. What if you can’t find a decent decorator in your town or country and you decide to order a special bouquet from someone 100+miles away?! You found what you want you negotiated the details and you need to wait for it to arrive that day. What if the integrity of the package is obstructed and what if you get a broken bouquet, damaged or something even worse – what if it doesn’t reach you at all?! These are some serious concerns you have to have before opting for something like this.

4. Other issues

DIY people are good at what they do, but since they are considered small businesses they can also be considered unreliable. What we mean by this is when you buy something from a business that is there 5, 10, 20 years and when they have more than two people working for them you can be certain that you will find and get what you need at any time. DIY people often work from homes or small shops in their homes. Those are businesses that don’t have more than one or two employees and what you can expect here is that due to personal issues you might not get what you ordered and negotiated. These are all living people and they are limited by their manpower. If God forbid, something happens to them or in their family they can easily cancel on you or not deliver on time.

Those are some of the issues that may appear and ruin your special day.