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The hit list is a place to find all the greatest tracks that I have pulled from my library over the years. There is a wide array of types of music on here, but I have tried to stay away from the more popular genres. For example, I do not have any hip-hop on here, and there are no country songs either. Although I may not agree with some of the choices, I have tried my best to be honest. I hope you enjoy.

Our new hit list is the best of the best from the best of the best! We are constantly seeking out the most unique, intelligent, and fun videos on the web. These videos are all handpicked by our team because we think they are so important and memorable. The goal of the “Hit List” is to make sure that the most awesome videos of the week get the time and attention they deserve.

Inspired by those old-time radio shows that used to have a guest or two on every episode, the Oral Oracle is a new show that will discuss the week’s news and the topics of interest to our readers. Topics will be dissected, analyzed, and sometimes even refuted by a host that is as knowledgeable, informative, and funny as the topics themselves.


I believe in omens, especially when they come from my body. The night before my mother died, I felt like someone had cut my umbilical cord. I knew immediately that she was about to leave, despite the diagnosis that she had one more year to live on this planet.  This may sound strange, but it’s one of the many ways I get characters. I recently got a new Mundoracle. My mouth fell open. As is often the case with eclipses, health problems come to the surface. We see what we need to see. A quick visit to the dentist revealed an infection. I was sent home with a bottle of antibiotics and given a follow-up appointment for a thorough cleaning and evaluation. I recovered slowly, but I used the time to think about what my mouth was trying to tell me. I talk a lot about my work. Between classes, podcasts and live broadcasts, I often find myself behind the microphone. As much as I love it (the twins!), I started to wonder how much I should say.

Conclusion: It’s time to go back to basics. I’d like to make my comments more concise. Some time ago, I started cutting back on the number of podcasts. I was producing twice a week – but it was less regular. The tight deadline for the book required sacrifices. I’ll find a new way. I’m also starting to experiment with removing distractions from my live broadcasts. I often spend a lot of time greeting people or answering questions. It takes a lot of time, not to mention all the interruptions in my concentration.

By keeping everything to a minimum, my words are effective and I can save my energy for what I enjoy: Teaching and writing. The oracle has spoken. If we’re not careful, our bodies often find a way to get them.

As I often say to my yoga students: If you want to immediately enter the present moment, you are hurting yourself. You can only think about the injury because you have to. But we don’t have to hurt ourselves to practice listening. I want you to be more careful. Listen to your body, pay attention to the signals around you, and don’t ignore the little things that gnaw at you. If you’re awake at the wheel, you’ll live consciously. …. and you may be avoiding tragedy. Or root canal treatments. No. It’s not going to happen!


Other materials

I was a guest on the Occultism with a Little Salt podcast, talking about intuitive astrology and tarot. I really enjoyed the interaction with Temperance and Georgina Rose! I think about this post often: Bad teeth. Follow the stars: Astrology can help you find your dream job. Before you leave: Everything you need to get back on track. That’s it: Athletes will never have peace of mind again. David Bowie’s cover album Modern Love is a melancholy tribute to the late musician: Review of BUST. With good intentions: As founder of Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal Bacon keeps her content to a minimum.

Really? Single men create an online astrology tree. I am a big fan of Jessica Lanyadu! She joined me on Astrology Bytes to talk about transits, Gemini love of journals, learning about astrology, our shared love of Saturn – and her new app! Listen: Astrology Bytes – Tracking Transits with Jessica Lanyadu. Interesting: Talking dog TicToc. Can I resist them? BTS wants you to fall in love with us forever. Twin Energy: 12 celebrities who are Gemini and how they embody the best traits of their zodiac sign. That is so sweet: Pink and her daughter performed aerial acrobatics together at the 2024 Billboard Music Awards. YEP: Mercury is retrograde – here’s what to expect during the astrological change.

Good question: The attacks on Asians continue, what kind of spectator are you? From Refinery29 magazine: Audrey Lord’s radical recovery through self-care. When older Asians felt unsafe walking alone, these volunteers stepped in. A little retail therapy: 62 Beauty Memorial Day sales and coupon codes to shop at MDW 2024. Check out what Tess Whitehurst is putting out this fall: The superpower of self-love: The magical art of validating yourself (no matter what). UM : One day, the chief: Weekday/Weekend: 70 quick weekly menus + 30 juicy weekend recipes. Interested: The book Lymph: Self-care practices for immunity, health and beauty. I always want to be at my best: Timeless beauty, French style: The secrets of the

ee generations of French beauty editors. I can’t wait to learn more about children’s tarot! You can place your pre-order now. On you. Every time I hear someone say they can’t decipher the tarot, I feel like flying like a super tarot woman and giving them a copy of the tarot: Without a doubt: Master the art of intuitive reading! Where’s my cape? Want to listen instead of read – and study the tarot? The tarot: Without a doubt: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading is available as an audiobook. The study of astrology requires patience and a good book. Start here:  Astrology for Real Life: A beginner’s guide (a guide for curious astrology lovers).

Look at this: Unusual Tarot: A Contemporary Reimagining of an Ancient Oracle is an excellent card game by Shaheen Miro (I helped write LWB!). Summer afternoons are best spent with lemonade on the porch and quiet activities like tarot card coloring: Tarot coloring book. Speaking of lemonade: When life hands you a basket of lemons, make lemonade with Tarot for Hard Times, a soulful book filled with tarot plots, rituals and more. Classes Join my Patreon community!  I offer advanced daily card readings, astrological messages, community tarot practice, political astrology, early horoscope reviews, hot dates….. And much more. Higher levels provide access to live classes, replays of previous classes, mentoring, etc.

What I’m thankful for:

Lectures on astrology Antibiotics The Amazing Dentist Perfumes and magic oils Absolute silence Limits, limits, limits

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Army of me Bjork Blessings, Teresa Theresa Reed: The Lady of the Tarot 2024 Images from stock photos and personal collections The Hit List is a collection of short videos that give you my personal views on pop culture. I’m not someone who takes a stand on everything, so I thought I’d start putting out a series of videos that I could read and react to as I saw fit. It’s been nice to have some personal time to whip up my thoughts on things, and when you make a habit of it you find you have a lot to say about a variety of topics. I’m not sure what the future holds for this, but for now, here are the hit list videos.

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