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Many Chat Facebook Chat Bot (Campaign Tutorial)


Currently the program I talked about in this video is no longer running. Here in 2020 I've set up an awesome platform for Entrepreneurs and digital marketers! Check it out: https://1kperdaymovement.com ************************************ ManyChat is an awesome tool to help you generate more sales. In this video I will walk you step by step on creating your first campaign with ManyChat. This software allows you to set up automated campaigns similar to an e-mail autoresponder. The open rate and click through rate is much higher though since all messages are send via FB Messenger. That means more people will be going back to your offer, clicking on your link, and engaging with you on a personal level. This training is beneficial to anyone involved with affiliate marketing, network marketing, ecommerce, brand building, and more. ManyChat can totaly automate your follow up workflow and create massive monetization in your business! If you have any questions, drop a comment down below. ************************************ ************************************ Connect with me on Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keith.stephens.58 E-mail: [email protected] ************************************ S U B S C R I B E T O D A Y ! ▶️ Free Value Based Content https://1kperdaymovement.com ************************************ ************************************ many chat facebook chat bot chatbot facebook messenger facebook bot chat bots create facebook facebook chatbot messenger bot bot facebook bot messenger facebook chat bots chatbot messenger build a bot chatbot online chatbot platform facebook messenger bot bot platform messenger chat bot chat bot facebook chatbot maker create chatbot facebook and messenger flirt app flirt chat facebook bot platform chat bots facebook automated chat bot chatbot builder chatbot developer facebook message bot create your own chatbot best messenger bots conversation bot build a chatbot berlin chat create facebook bot facebook bot sites chat android facebook business chat chatbot for website chatbots for business create messenger app facebook online chat messenger bot platform best facebook bots build your own chatbot make bot facebook bot builder create a chat bot create messenger bot facebook chatbot platform facebook comment bot bot chat facebook fb messenger bot build a messenger bot message bot build facebook chatbot facebook bot developer chatbot for messenger make a facebook bot facebook bot development build a messenger app facebook video chat chat bots for messenger chat bot for messenger chat with chatbot chat bots for business bot messenger facebook facebook messenger chatbot

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