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Tuesday, June 8th, 2021


Biomutant | How To Get/Craft The Best Armor

Biomutant, the upcoming action-adventure game from developer Experiment 101, is a science-fiction game with a fantasy setting. Set in a distant future where humans have evolved to the point of mind-reading and immortality, Biomutant sees players battling it out with a variety of monsters, based on classic animal species: wolves, spiders, birds, cats and more. As you explore the open world of exoplanets, you’ll have the chance to craft and upgrade your own armor, which, in turn, will be outfitted with special abilities. If you want to discover more aboutRead More

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Patch Notes – Update 1.4 Lets

Update 1.4 for Hood Outlaws & Legends adds the first of three Legendary Sets, with the Hood Outlaws and The Outlawers Legendary Sets. This is a new type of Legendary Set that will drop at level 60. These sets will be released throughout the season, and will each contain 3 items: a legendary cloak, a legendary axe, and a legendary helmet. The “Hood: Outlaws & Legends” patch 1.4 has just been released on the Play Store, and, as always, it brings a lot of improvements and new content to theRead More

Second Life’s CEO, Ebbe Altberg, has passed away

Second Life’s CEO, Ebbe Altberg, has passed away. It was reported by Linden Lab on March 4, 2017. Living (virtual) life is a big responsibility, and we all have a tendency to treat it like it’s not. As CEO of Linden Lab, Ebbe Altberg was responsible for most of the big decisions that keep Second Life running. He was also known for his optimistic outlook on life and his determination to make Second Life into the amazing place that it is today. Ebbe was a smart and caring person whoRead More