Biomutant | How To Get/Craft The Best Armor

Biomutant, the upcoming action-adventure game from developer Experiment 101, is a science-fiction game with a fantasy setting. Set in a distant future where humans have evolved to the point of mind-reading and immortality, Biomutant sees players battling it out with a variety of monsters, based on classic animal species: wolves, spiders, birds, cats and more. As you explore the open world of exoplanets, you’ll have the chance to craft and upgrade your own armor, which, in turn, will be outfitted with special abilities. If you want to discover more about Biomutant’s world, be sure to keep up with its official Twitter feed!

The game Biomutant is a melee action RPG game developed by Darksiders developer Gunfire Games, where the player takes on the role of a scavenger known as a Biomutant, who is further enhanced with enhancements, abilities, and mutations, as well as an arsenal of guns and melee weapons.

In this guide, I’ll show you everything you need to know about getting good armor and how to make it even better when you get it in Biomutant. If you’re wondering what armor modifications are available in Biomutant, be sure to check out this guide. Please note that this post contains spoilers. If you want to see the crafting system for yourself, feel free to click on it. For those who want to know, read on…..

Instructions for making Biomutants: How to get better armor


The armor in Biomutant works a little differently than in most RPGs, and in fact it works in much the same way as in Fallout 4. Well, almost. This simple guide is enough to give you an overview of how it works in a few words. However, I’m not here to give you a vague idea of how it works, so let’s cut to the chase and see exactly how the armor works in Biomutant.

Biomutant armor

In the biomutant you have 7 armor slots, head, face, torso, right shoulder, left shoulder, back and legs. However, you cannot customize or upgrade back or face armor, you must find and purchase the best armor possible. You can equip any armor you buy, but some armors have level requirements, some have attribute requirements, and some have both. You cannot equip an armor item if you do not meet the requirements. The higher the quality of the armor, the higher these requirements are in general. That way you avoid being OP when you find really good material. This also means that how you spend your attribute points will determine some of the equipment you can use.

Armored attachments

Each armor in Biomutant has 3 properties that define it. Rarity, quality and material. The rarity of the Biomutant is a combination of quality, material and armor additions. In other words: The better the armor, the higher the rarity. As you improve the quality, materials and additions to your equipment, the rarity of your equipment increases as you progress through the game. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy or find rare items anymore – you can. It just means that many devices with enough upgrades can finally become one. Armor protects you from harmless damage and can be obtained by looting enemies, looting chests and containers and buying it from merchants in the game. You can’t make armor directly, you have to buy it and then modify it by upgrading it or installing add-ons. Note that increasing the chance of loot increases the chance of finding more rare armor. armor armor




As you progress through the Biomutant game, you’ll likely pick up different armor and accessories to supplement. Add-ons increase stats in some cases, whether it’s increasing the critical chance of a weapon or armor strength. Larger armor items usually have more augmentation slots, but this is not always the case. You do not need to go to the equipment upgrade booth to place additions. In fact, you can do that anywhere by clicking on the Craft tab in your menu. Here you simply select the location and then the item you want to change. Select an accessory and place it in the appropriate slot when you have enough parts. If not, you can’t do it, and you may have to mine or find armor in the area.



How to get better armor

There are several ways to get the best armor the game has to offer. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the secret ingredient, it’s not there. You can get this armor in the beginning by looting bosses and other enemies. It can also be deposited in vaults or world vaults. Like I said before, increasing your loot probability will guarantee you get much better gear, even legendary, so you should definitely do that. After you increase your loot chances, you can do the same quests and get the armor of good rarity where you previously got armor of low rarity. If I discover other ways to get good rarity heroes and legendary armor, I will update this post.

Upgrade armament

You can add accessories as you go, but you’ll need to find a shop to upgrade your equipment to improve the quality and materials of your armor. Then select the location and the specific weave element you want to change. It costs you coins and accessories and increases your armor stats. If you increase the quality of the material enough, the rarity of the object increases. To succeed, you have to decide what armor to use and where to spend coins for upgrades, and that’s not always easy. A word of advice: never give details until you are absolutely sure of what you want to do.


This guide is a compilation of everything you need to know about armor in Biomutant. If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment. I’ll be sure to give more instructions in future articles. A handbook on weapons is in preparation, for your information. From what we can assume at this point, this game will definitely be a hit with fans if it’s free of all the technical problems and bugs that are common with most games these days. We have high hopes for the developers and hope this game will be a great experience, as promised! First off, if it’s not a GOTY candidate, it’s definitely a blockbuster. Let’s hope and pray that on the 25th. The month of May will be a success for fans all over the world.