Astrology of Being a Career Late Bloomer

You know who’s a great example of a hard worker who missed out on success? Childhood wasn’t exactly kind to him, but if it happened to you, don’t give up! Despite the obstacles you may face as an adult, you can still follow your dreams and become a success. This blog post is about how you can use astrology to help you succeed in your career.

Astrology is an old-fashioned idea that dates back thousands of years before the Big Bang.  Astrology has been around since Stone Age people put the Moon and Sun into the sky to be seen and they noticed that the Sun rose earlier in the morning than the Moon.    Julian of Norwich, a 12th Century English mystic, is said to have written the first known book on Astrology and it is believed she made extensive use of her own astrological signs.

For many of us, our twenties are a stage of life that many of us dread, as we’re still trying to figure out how to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again. We don’t realize it, but we’re right in the middle of our lives and these are the years we will shape and mold our future.


Some people find their passion in childhood and still know what they want to do when they are older. Some find it as adults and some never do! Astrology can show just about anything, so what can a late bloomer show?

Saturn, late flowering final

Saturn is a late bloomer and usually makes you wait before you can get anything Saturn related. This can be seen by the areas of life that are governed by the sign and house in which your natal Saturn is located, and also by the planets that are in conjunction or in the same sign as your natal Saturn. Saturn usually wants you to learn your lessons before you receive them. This means overcoming obstacles, solving old problems and learning lessons.

Saturn can make you a late-career guy if it’s in the 2nd house: – is in the 2nd house. House (silver), 6. Home (work) or 10. House (career) – in Taurus (rules money), Virgo (rules work) or Capricorn (rules career) – in close aspect to your natal ruler in the 2nd house. House, 6. House or 10. Saturn also complicates your career a bit, because Saturn is the planetary ruler of your career, so if you just have a difficult Saturn, it can slow down your career.

Your natal Saturn is disputed if it is anaretic (at 29 degrees), is in a critical degree, is a singleton (the only planet in an element, property or house type), is the cusp of a T-square, is at an angle, is in a stellium or has been intercepted. Because Saturn wants us to learn before we get what we want from him, you usually don’t get what Saturn influences until your first Saturn return (when Saturn returns to the same position he held when you were born). This happens between day 28 and 32. Year of life. That’s not a problem though, as this is probably the average age when people start getting serious about their careers (which is appropriate since Saturn rules careers).

Uncomfortable north junction

The North Lunar Node is part of the Lunar Nodes, which are points in the Moon’s orbit where it crosses the ecliptic. There is a north node and a south node, which are exactly opposite each other. The South Moon Node represents what you have already learned, what you feel comfortable with, your past or previous life, and the North Moon Node represents your potential, your destination and where you need to go. The North Moon Node is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, so we tend to go to the South Moon Node until we learn to deal with the North Moon Node. This usually comes with age and maturity.

This means that your North Node can make you a late bloomer if it is: – in Taurus (ruler of money), Virgo (ruler of work) or Capricorn (ruler of career) – in the 2nd house. House (silver), in the 6th. House (work) or in the 10th house. The house (career) is – in the same sign as your natal Saturn (career planet), in the 2nd house. House rule, in the 6th. Rule of the house or in the 10th house. There may be blockages that you need to overcome, and you can see this in a square of planets (in 3 signs of your North Node). Saturn, a planet in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, or the 23rd, 6th, or 10th house. House, or the ruler of the 2nd, 6th or 10th. A house square your moon nodes can also indicate future career problems.

Your North Node represents your potential and your life path, so this is where you will find your greatest life satisfaction and happiness. So even if you are a latecomer to your career, it means you will reach your potential as soon as you realize it! Since the North Node represents your potential, it is also directly related to your career and ambitions. So, as with Saturn, if your lunar nodes are generally in trouble, you could be behind in your career. Your lunar nodes are challenging if they are anaretic (at 29 degrees), are at a critical degree, are intercepted, and possibly coincide at angles (not necessarily challenging, but the energy is higher and can be difficult to control).

Disputed house rules and corners 2, 6 and 10

You may also be a latecomer to your career if you have the following characteristics: – Your Ascendant in the 2nd, 6th or 10th house. The house is anarchic, critical, lonely, retrograde (especially if Mercury, Venus or Mars) or intercepts – your cusp in the 2nd, 6th or 10th house. House is anartic, critical or in conjunction with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. These are just a few examples – there may be more! And perhaps these examples are not typical of a career at the end of a career. You can show that although you have a career or know what you want, sometimes you struggle, struggle to get the recognition you deserve and sometimes progress is slow. Keep up the good work! Recommended reading: Astrological indicators that you are a latecomer to a relationship.

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Astrology is often thought of as a divinatory tool for predicting the future. While this is true in a general sense, astrology can also help us to better understand the present. Astrology can help career late bloomers better understand what they are experiencing now in their careers, and how they can improve.. Read more about darkstar astrology and let us know what you think.