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Wicca Magic for Beginners | Wicca spells is the name of the blog I have set out to write. I am a Wiccan, witch, virgin, altarist,elder. I am a Wiccan of many traditions, and have been practicing magic for a little over a year. I am not a professional, by no means, but I do have a strong desire to share what I have learned from my practice. I love this blog because it will give me a good starting point from which to teach, and will allow me to share what I have learned and experienced. That being said, I will use my own experiences, and modify for my own purposes. I will be sharing my experiences within the traditions of

Being a follower of the Wiccan beliefs you are hoping to become a witch, a witch spells are very important. If you are a beginner you will need to know how to use a spell to help you with your life. If you have any problems with your love or money or anything that you want to change then magic has the answer.

Are you new to Wicca?

Wicca is closely related to the word witch. An introduction to Wicca for beginners should begin with exactly the word Wicca. The word Wicca comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word wicca, and they were widely known as community witches. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Gerald Gardener, a Wiccan and founder of the Gardner tradition, gave this unique witchcraft community the name Wicca. Wicca for beginners can be interesting if you know the science well.


But there is a slight difference, and as a student of the Wiccan tradition, you should know the rule of both.

  1. The first rule is that a witch is not always a wiccan.
  2. The second rule is that Wicca is always a witch.

Wicca is a specialized branch of witchcraft. It is practiced differently and therefore is not part of the normal process of witchcraft. It is practiced in many ways and can be practiced by ordinary people seeking spiritual growth and expansion. In the world of Wicca, spells can be different for different people. There are no strict rules in this sector. Any number of people can have so many different rules. As a newcomer to Wicca, we need to know the following.

  1. The faith of Wiccan beginners
  2. An introduction to Wiccan ritual for Wiccan beginners.
  3. The rule of three for aspiring Wiccans.
  4. A concise guide to the 13 principles followed by Wiccans, for beginners in Wiccan.
  5. A brief introduction to the various forms of Wicca for beginners.
  6. Different types of Wiccan magic for Wiccan beginners.
  7. What are the Wiccan gods and goddesses? Who do you pray to as a Wiccan student?
  8. A first spell to begin the practice as a new initiation into Wiccan science.

There are three basic belief systems among Wiccan practitioners.

Beliefs of novice Wiccans

1. An introduction to Wiccan ritual for beginning Wiccans: – Essentially a 26 line poem and the only universally recognized Wiccan belief. Whatever form or type they take, they follow the Wiccan religion. 2. The rule of three for aspiring Wiccans: – In this form, the rule of three ensures that everything you sow in this world comes back to you threefold. If you plant goodness, it will triple. The law of karma is written as follows. 3. A concise guide to the 13 principles Wiccans follow, for Wiccan beginners :-.

  • Exercises are organized to tune in to oneness with nature.
  • A belief system in which everyone lives in harmony with ecology and the environment.
  • Wiccans believe in a system of forces far superior to those of rational man. For those new to the Wiccan tradition, it is necessary to worship the source of a higher power.
  • Wiccans believe in polarity, and male and female forces are often thought to complement each other.
  • Wiccan forces believe in a so-called collective consciousness between the outer and inner worlds. It is treated as a whole and forms part of the measures. As a rule, a two-dimensional arrangement can be observed in the action.
  • There is generally no hierarchy of authority, but there is absolute respect for teachers, high priestesses and leaders.
  • Magic, wisdom and religion come together. Wiccan practices are often seen as a conglomeration of all directions.
  • For Wiccans, the only positive truths are those that come from practitioners’ efforts to evolve the earth. As a novice Wiccan, try to help and create a world where people can reduce the weight of darkness.
  • There is no religious hostility. However, the religious claim that this is the only way, the right way or the correct way is not considered legitimate.
  • American Wiccan practitioners are not challenged by history and differences. In fact, the entire company is concerned with the present and the future.
  • In the Wiccan tradition, according to Wiccan practice, there is no such thing as absolute evil.

A brief introduction to the different forms of Wicca for beginners

Source: history.com
  1. Wicca gardening
  2. Alexandria Wicca
  3. Dianic Wicca
  4. Seax Wicca
  5. Nordic Wicca
  6. Celtic Wicca
  7. Single Wiccan.
  8. Eclectic Wicca

1. Gardnerian Wicca for new Wiccan initiations: Gardnerian Wicca was introduced by Gerald Gardner, the father of the Wiccan witchcraft movement. He was the first to use the term Wicca to refer to friends who practiced witchcraft together in a coven called Brickett Wood.

  • As a newcomer to Wicca, an initiation from another Wiccan Gardnerian is required to join the practice. They work in a group of 13 members, but this number can vary.
  • They worship the goddess and the horned god. The name given to the god and goddess in a coven is almost always kept secret from the uninitiated masses.
  • There is a high priestess and a high priestess whose rank is lower than the priestess.
  • A new member of a Wiccan group may only be initiated by the high priestess of that group.
  • They essentially follow the Book of Shadows, originally developed by Gerald Gardner.
  • It is essentially a form of initiation where the elaborate processes often involve ritualized sex, with a strong emphasis on nudity, although this is not mandatory in modern covens.
  • There are essentially three types of initiations in the Wiccan Gardenerian process.

2. Alexandrian Wicca is a branch that developed from Gardnerian Wicca. It was named for Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine by another Wiccan, Stuart Farrar.

  • They also believe in the goddess and the horned god.
  • They also have a High Priestess as an initiate, and they are also a coven of usually 13 members.
  • However, there is a difference: This form of Wiccan practice generally places great importance on the clothing worn during ceremonies.
  • They also pray to the kings Holi and Eik, as well as to the goddess and the horned god. As a beginning Wiccan, you can choose any of these forms.

3. Dianic Wicca is a tradition that has moved its practice from the United Kingdom to the United States, focusing exclusively on the torment and oppression of women in every generation. As a new non-traditional practitioner of the Wiccan art, you may practice this art.

  • There are various forms of dianic Wiccan practices; however, the Budapest Wiccan lineage remains an exclusively female group.
  • This is a rather liberal practice, and often different covens follow different rules.
  • The system of high priests was contrary to the selfishness of the people of the United States; therefore, it was abolished.

4. Seax Wicca is a traditional form of Wiccan practice and focuses primarily on the practices used by the Anglo-Saxon community from the 11th to the 15th centuries. You can use this form of Wiccan practice as a newcomer to Wiccan practice if you do not want to connect to beliefs that come from a particular place or person, but from a particular time.

  • They engage in a general practice that includes the study of herbs, runes and tarot, along with divination.
  • In this tradition, there is no Book of Shadows, and endowment is the first acceptable point of entry.

5. Northern Wicca is a relatively new form of Wicca. In this form of the Wiccan system, the gods in leadership positions are usually heroes from Norse mythology.

  • The Nordic Wiccan tradition is a primarily solitary Wiccan practice.
  • There is no traditional form of practice in this tradition, and it can be any practice the young aspiring Wiccan follower chooses.
  • Another important factor that distinguishes this form of practice is its emphasis on life after death, similar to the practices of Norse mythology.

6. Celtic Wicca, also called Druidic Wicca, for beginners in Wiccan practice: Although these two forms of Wiccan practices are based on two different belief systems, they are often combined into one form. Most Wiccans use the traditions of both, so it is an interchangeable form of practice. You, as a newcomer to Wiccan wisdom, may find this branch of the practice interesting.

  • The druids were the highest order of the Celts and were often the poets, the philosophers of the tribe.
  • Celtic traditions are viewed in the modern world through the prism of Christianity, certain written documents, and living Celtic and Welsh traditions.
  • The druids intentionally kept their knowledge in an unstable state. Passed down orally through time and generations, these Wiccan spells were the first to disappear from the modern world. Many Wiccans who are new to Wiccan practice call upon the wisdom of the Druids.
  • They place great importance on divination, runes and many other such forms and practices.
  • Animals and plants were important to the Druids and the Celts. Usually, potions and various animals played a crucial role in their culture. Deer and salmon have taken the top spots.

7. Simple Wicca is easiest to understand on this platform. It means practicing tradition alone. Best suited for people who are new to Wiccanism, you can do a lot of research before deciding on the path of your choice.

  • There is no one to guide or initiate anyone into a process.
  • It’s a free position to explore and move forward to choose either form, or you can practice on your own all your life.
  • In this system, there are no set rules or patterns to follow.

8. Eclectic Wicca is also a traditional form.

  • It is a process that makes it easy for you to prepare for the singles trip.
  • A new Wiccan who wants to practice on his own can develop imaginative rituals and practices to follow his path in this form.
  • Most solitary Wiccan practitioners continue with the eclectic Wiccan process.

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Different kinds of Wiccan magic for Wiccan beginners

There are many types of Wiccan practices for the beginner. For those new to Wicca, the most important are listed.

  1. The magic of the candle: – Candle magic is primarily conveyed by fire and can be a powerful wiccan spell for beginners. The magic of the candle disappears into the fire as soon as it is extinguished. As the candle burns, the message is transferred from the physical to the etheric plane. Beginning Wiccans can try this form, as fire is the most recognized means of physical transformation.
  2. Crystal Magic: – Crystal magic is usually transmitted by so-called inanimate crystal particles. Wiccans believe that crystals have the same energy as the cellular structures within us. It is a wonderful way to attune our lives to the universal energy. You can use it, after you have mastered a purer form of practice, as an incantation at the beginning of your Wiccan practice.
  3. The magic of spices: – It’s an incredibly powerful way to change our lives. The energy form of the herbs flows through the herbs and influences our existence. You can use this spell as a newcomer to Wiccan practice. What are the Wiccan gods and goddesses? As a new Wiccan follower, who do you pray to?

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses

A newcomer to Wiccan should know that there are essentially two, 1. Triple Goddess – The Triple Goddess is symbolized by the triple phase of the moon. The triple goddess bears a strong resemblance to the symbol of the holy Isis. The waxing, full and waning moon are the three phases of the moon. The Goddess can be an excellent guide for a student in the world of Wicca. The growth phase is that of Virgo. It symbolizes the feminine energy in its virginal form. Wiccans turn to the form of a virgin when they need to start something new or when a beauty spell is needed.

It represents all that is beautiful and generous. Virgo generally corresponds to the vernal equinox. It is a holiday in the Wiccan calendar known as Ostara. The full moon represents the mother. As a young Wiccan speaker, you must remember that a mother is consulted to create a healthy family and life. This corresponds to the autumnal equinox. Learn the astrological predictions for the new year 2024 The decaying phase marks an older woman, called a crone. Crone is often used in slang, but it carries wisdom and experience for the next generation. She is revered in the tribe as the first lady.

It is the winter solstice, which symbolizes death and rebirth. 2. Horned God – God has the horns of a deer. In one hand he holds a snake, in the other a bracelet symbolizing Uranus. Contrary to common Christian belief, the Horned God is not a villain from the underworld. Cernunnos is celebrated as the god represented at the winter solstice and is often mentioned at the exposition of the dead. If you don’t like praying to your mother, you can pray to the Holy Father as a new Wiccan.

Initial Spell for a New Initiation into Wiccan Science


There are a few simple Wiccan spells that a beginning Wiccan can start with. If time permits, you can try them all or a few at a time.

Wiccan spell #1 for Wiccan beginners.

(i) Free up a room or space somewhere. ii) Draw a circle or square large enough to hold a candle (symbol of fire), a bowl of water (symbol of water), incense (symbol of air) and flowers/stones (symbol of earth). (iii) Place each of them in the corners of the square. If you could define northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest as a new wiccan, you could place each of the symbols as follows:

  • Northeast – put a bowl of water in this corner to calm the water.
  • The northwest is also called the windy corner. Put incense in that direction.
  • The southeast is also known as Fire Corner. Put the candle in this direction.

Southwest – Place flowers in this corner to please the caretaker of this direction. iv) Sit in the middle and burn a white candle as a symbol of divinity and a beautiful mother. Beginning Wiccans can easily practice this spell. v) Pray to all the directions and offer a prayer for each of them. If you can use something sweet, you can put it next to the white candle. vi) Sit in silence and try to connect with a force that seems easy for your soul, make sure you are not disturbed by anyone. You can use fire, flowers, incense or water as a medium to start the whole process. vii) You can eat sweets or food after prayer because they will be saturated with the aura of the Cosmos.

Wiccan Spell #2 for Wicca Beginners

This can be done as follows. The Wiccan path for beginners can be followed by practicing the spell below.

i) Place a pot of water, a candle and incense sticks in front of you.

ii) Draw a large circle with candles (make sure the room is well ventilated). You can use up to 9 candles and place them in an irregular circle.

iii) As a new Wiccan disciple, sit in the center, in front of the candles, incense and water.

iv) Concentrate within yourself and pray in your own time to the directions and elements of the world.

v) Then pray to your mother or father, according to your choice and preference/belief.

vi) Concentrate on your breathing and try to direct your thoughts in a particular direction.

vii) Look carefully to choose an image that is important to you. Pay attention to what you can see in the image as a beginning caster.

viii) You can stop the process at this point for the day if you cannot keep your attention for long.

ix) Try to observe more each day by returning to the same picture. Slowly watch the image grow in you. As a beginning Wiccan, your awareness will grow if your spell environment has a small addition, perhaps an extra petal or a fresh flower. Depending on your ability, it may take a month or two, or even a year or two to get used to this discipline. Don’t be frustrated if it takes you longer to develop. This is your path, and you are alone in this world when it comes to spiritual progress.

x) One day all images will disappear and you will be able to sit alone in the darkness, to be filled with light the next moment. This is an excellent exercise for beginning Wiccans. Wicca is thus a process of self-development and self-expansion, and the process of beginning a Wiccan practice should often be a major point of initiation. There is nothing more beautiful than the growth of your soul. It blooms beautifully and can make your life worthwhile and rewarding. If you want to grow outward, this will definitely help you as a beginner. Discover the direction of your career with the career tarot. Our soul is a completely separate entity from our mind and body. Your body may be eighty years old, but your soul can still grow.

At an age when your mind and body no longer function, your soul is still capable of becoming. So don’t be afraid of the world, you can be a newcomer to the Wiccan way at any age. Keep growing and learning. Remember the golden rule of Wicca as a new enterprise – Wicca asks us to do no harm to man or creature. As a new student, you will be surrounded by Wiccan wisdom, and you will understand the meaning of this statement. You should strive not to harm any soul, mind or person, knowingly or intentionally, except to satisfy your demands and desires.