Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 7 – 13, 2024

It’s only been a week since the last astrology forecast, so how much has the week ahead changed? Here’s how the current week looks, as well as a percent chance of each astrological sign making a major impact on your life.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury enter Virgo at the beginning of June. Mercury is in retrograde motion, but this time of year will see the effects of the retrograde disappear, and the effect of this entire week will be felt by the end. This week, the Sun enters a significant t-square with the Moon, Venus and Mars, which will greatly increase the planets’ influence on each other. This is a good time for new ventures and group projects, as the Sun squares the Moon, which is favorable for work and group activities. The Sun also squares the Ascendant, which is a good time to promote yourself, assert yourself and attract others. The Moon is in opposition to Mars, which means that conflicts are likely to arise,

Although the planets don’t really take a whole lot of interest in us, the times of their motion are the times that we take part in the greater scheme of things. The wheel of the Zodiac is the time of our lives. The stars are a reflection of our own natures and what we choose to do with our lives. The Zodiac is a map of how our lives are influenced by the planets and how they interact with each other.

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Excerpt from Patreon – The sun rises 11. June, conjunction with Mercury retrograde. This marks the middle of the retrograde cycle, and as the mind clears, it is often a time of awareness. The underlying theme of the eclipse, the meaning it holds for us, the teachings it contains, are revealed. We must now pay attention to what reveals itself when Mercury receives wisdom from the Source and passes it on to us.

We connect with our star, we connect with our own inner spark. From the spirit of the gods comes the information we seek. Yet the time for action has not yet come. It’s time to grab hold of this precious piece of information until the vision becomes clear. By analogy, we could say that the universe has just indicated our destination, but this is only half the journey. We need to understand where we stand before we step out of the game. We will do so in the final part of this bear market. If Mercury is right, we’ll find that little dot that says you’re there.

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The full weekly forecast is available to Level 5 users, as are many other member-only articles. Click here to try my Patreon Highlights of this week 07-08-21 No important aspects 08-Jun-21 No significant aspects 09-Jun-21 No significant aspects 10-Jun-21 New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini An important decision or choice. An old story with a new twist. 11-Jun-21 The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury Rx. Mars enters the sign of Leo Clarity of Mind. Execution. A boost of energy. The desire to explore our creativity and take risks. 12-Jun-21 Venus square Chiron: heartbreak.

Collisions in the relationship. Financial deficit. But in all cases, healing or help is possible. 13-Jun-21 Venus sextile UranusA new perspective that eases pain. An invitation to try something new. You are free to follow your heart. Painting – Conversation by Pierre-Auguste RenoirEvery week, an astrologer from loopvideos.com, a U.S.-based blog for astrology lovers, provides a detailed forecast for the upcoming week, complete with the astrological signs for each day.. Read more about free weekly horoscope and let us know what you think.