Astrology of April 2024- Forward Momentum

For those of you who don’t know, I am a professional astrologer and a full-time professional astrologer that works with the stars. There is nothing that I am not able to accurately read into the future based on your birth chart. I am able to predict the future, the past, what is happening right now, or what is going to happen with your life, your job, your love life, and your future. I am able to see into the past, the present and even what is happening in your dreams.

There is no denying that the stars have a great influence over our lives. For some people, the stars may seem to point to very clear paths that they should follow. But for others, the constellations may not be as clear-cut. For others, they may not exist at all.

There are many ways the universe works. Some say that the past influences our future, others that the future affects the past. Astrology is one of those beliefs.

If March was a mix of water and fire, confusion and clarity or action and confusion, then April is pretty straightforward. The keywords for April are brightness, sparkle and forward motion. It is time to pick up the thread and start living the way you want! The first half of the month is very average: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron (and some days Moon) all in Aries! This gives us all the confidence to break out of the cycle of the past 12 months and start again! In the second half of the month, it become even more interesting . Mercury, Venus and the Sun are in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus…. This is a quadruple conjunction with Uranus, the planet of surprises. Change is in the air! But let’s take a look at the most important transits of the month:


4. April 2024 – Mercury enters Aries

On the fourth. April 2024: Mercury will leave Pisces and enter Aries. Mercury in Aries brings much needed clarity and intellectual power. If you were feeling a little listless when Mercury was in Pisces, Mercury in Aries will help you be more assertive and confident.

9. April 20241 – Mercury conjunct Chiron

The 9th. April 2024 Mercury is in conjunction with Chiron at 9° Aries. During this transit, old memories of past insults may resurface; instead of hiding from them, use this opportunity to understand yourself on a deeper level. These old wounds do not define you, but they are part of you and your personal history.

11. April 2024 – New Moon in Aries

On the eleventh. In April 2024, we will have the New Moon at 22° Aries. The New Moon is very average, with 5 planets in the first sign of the zodiac. The New Moon is sextile to Mars in Gemini, sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, and square to Pluto in Capricorn. All the planets involved in this lunation have a vibration, let’s do it. And when we have a new moon in Aries, we naturally want to get involved in Aries affairs: We are pioneers, we explore, we take a stand and we engage in projects that define the true essence of who we are.

12. April 2024 – Venus square Pluto


On the 12th. April 2024 Venus (at 26° Aries) is in square with Pluto (at 26° Capricorn). When we have a Venus-Pluto transit, our emotions are deeper than usual. We feel more vulnerable, but also more alive than usual. Venus square Pluto is not the most accessible transit, but from time to time we need to dive into the emotional depths of Pluto to face dark feelings. The good news is that when you clear out what is dead and rotten, you reconnect with your heart from a more authentic place.

14. April 2024 – Venus enters Taurus

The 14th. April 2024 Venus enters Taurus, the sign she is in. As long as Venus is in Taurus, it will be easier for you to connect and respect your feelings, without guilt or doubt. Venus in Taurus tells you it’s okay to be yourself. This is a great transit for everyone, so enjoy the next few weeks and make sure you do business with Venus.

17. April 2024 – Mercury squares Pluto

The 17th. April 2024 Mercury (at 26° Aries) squares with Pluto (at 26° Capricorn). Mercury square Pluto can be associated with obsessive thoughts and power struggles. The positive manifestation of Mercury square Pluto is depth of thought, introspection, and a healthy desire to discover the truth. It is an ideal time for deep intellectual work, research or investigation.

18. April 2024 – Mercury in conjunction with the Sun

On the 18th. April 2024 Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun at 29° Aries. Mercury conjunctions with the Sun (when Mercury is direct) occur in the middle of a Mercury cycle. They look like the full moon, and might as well be called the full Mercury. This is the time when we manifest what we were working on at the beginning of the Mercury cycle in the 8th house. February 2024.

19. April 2024 – Mercury and the Sun enter Taurus


The 19th. In April 2024, the Sun and Mercury will enter Taurus, and we will see a sudden shift in energy from Aries to Taurus. For the Taurus, concrete actions and concrete results are important. If we have felt inspired during Aries and have had lots of ideas, now is the time to put them into action. Taurus gives us the practical sense and stamina we need to bring our ideas to life.

22. April 2024 – Venus in conjunction with Uranus

The 22nd. April 2024 Venus is in conjunction with Uranus at 10° in Taurus. When have you really been true to your heart lately? We may think that we are true to ourselves, that we are in tune with our feelings, etc. But sometimes it takes a transit of Uranus to wake us up and show us what we really want.

23. April 2024 – Mars enters Cancer

The 23rd. April 2024 Mars enters the sign of Cancer. Mars is the planet of action and Cancer is the sign of privacy and security – our comfort zone. Mars in Cancer may seem emotional and fragile, but he’s nail-biting and won’t hesitate to scratch you if he feels threatened. After all, Cancer is a head sign! The next six weeks will be a time to set stricter boundaries and stand up for what is important to you.

24. April 2024 – Mercury in conjunction with Uranus

The 24th. In April, Mercury is in conjunction with Uranus at 10° in Taurus. When the planet of communication meets the planet of surprises, we can expect ideas and breakthroughs, moments of reflection and important announcements. And Mercury isn’t the only planet visiting Uranus. An exciting time!

25. April 2024 – Mercury in conjunction with Venus


The 25th. In April, Mercury is in conjunction with Venus at 13° Taurus. The mind and the heart are one. Your communication will be more convincing than usual and you will find it easier to express your feelings. This transition is excellent for creative expression of any kind.

26. April 2024 – Full Moon in Scorpio

The 27th. On April 20, 19, we will have a Full Moon at 7° Scorpio. The Full Moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus and in trine with Mars in Cancer. All full moons in Scorpio are by definition intense (we’re dealing with Scorpio energy, after all), and this one is no exception. Mars, in a water sign, will continue to feed our emotions and Uranus will seek an outlet for them.

27. April 2024 – Pluto goes retrograde

The 27th. April 2024 Pluto goes retrograde at 26° Capricorn. Pluto is strongest when stationary, so we can expect Plutonian events around this day, themes that deal with power, transformation and submission to forces greater than ourselves. Pluto’s station will have a special effect on you if you have planets or angles around 26° Capricorn.

30. April 2024 – Sun in conjunction with Uranus

The 30th. April 2024, the Sun is in conjunction with Uranus at 10° in Taurus. This aspect calls for freedom, because Uranus is the planet of freedom….. but what kind of freedom are we talking about? Will everyone get on the next plane and do it again? Not necessary. The freedom of the Sun-Uranus transit is the freedom to be oneself. And that means different things to different people. For some, it means starting a new career or taking a bold step. For others, it means watching more Netflix. There is no freedom that is superior to other kinds of freedom. The only freedom that matters is to be yourself without complexes. Join the 48,000+ other subscribers and sign up for weekly Astro Butterfly updates: Click here to register


How do you load…Astrology of April 2024- Forward Momentum – April is a month of new beginnings, new opportunities and the potential to make changes and see them happen. This could be your year to make positive change, be bold and take big risks for the best opportunities of you life.. Read more about april 22, 2024 astrology and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in retrograde right now April 2024?

In the context of the retrograde movement, a retrograde occurs when a planet is moving backward against the background stars in the sky. Lets look at the retrograde movement in April 2024. In April 2024, Mercury will be retrograde for about 3 weeks, and it will go retrograde at the 1st degree of Gemini at the same time. Mercury will be retrograde during the day and at night. Mercury is the fastest moving planet so it is easy to see it in the sky. Its also easy to see the opposite of Mercury, or the star which is in direct opposition to Mercury.

In April 2024, the star that opposes Mercury is the planet Venus, and Venus is retrograde at the 4th degree of Virgo. So during Every now and then, the planets and stars align in such a way that we experience a time called retrograde. The name comes from an ancient method of predicting the future by observing the stars in the sky. In this case, we have a moment when all the planets go backwards in the sky for a few days. In this article we will look at what is going on in the sky, and how this might affect you in April 2024.

What happens in Pluto Retrograde 2024?

It’s not that surprising that, in a few hundred years of astrology, someone will invent a retrograde planet. After all, it’s easy to see how retrograde planets could be useful in astrology. For the sake of argument, let’s say that you wanted to predict something that occurs on a specific date. The astrological chart of that date would show a planet traveling in a specific direction. After all, you can only predict what you know, right? Don’t get us wrong, we love Pluto retrograde, but there’s a lot about it that can be a little bit scary. It can bring some very intense and challenging energy into our lives, but if we’re open to it, it can also be a very productive time for us.

What planets are in retrograde in April 2024?

Every year, the planets go around the Zodiac in a circle, taking roughly one year to make a complete circuit. Every few months they make a bit of a wiggle, meaning they go backward rather than forward. This is called retrograde motion. For those who want to catch up on what the planets were doing last year, or check out what they will be doing in April 2024, you can follow them here. The Full Moon in the sign of Leo (pros: being a leader, having charisma, confidence, self-expression, ambition, and self-confidence, and it’s a good time for a date) is in retrograde in Gemini. Gemini rules communication (knowing who you are, being articulate, being a good conversationalist), and it’s also a sign of the twins (lots of talkers, a nice time to be social, and someone who has a two-faced personality).