December 28th Weekly Astrology Forecast 2024

The December 28th Weekly Astrology Forecast is a time-proven method to see what the month ahead is going to bring for your love life, career prospects, financial status, and many other things, for a year ahead.

The Sun is the ruler of your sign today, and represents you in the life purpose. The little one is showing the focus of the day, and the how the day will unfold. The Sun represents the creative part of your personality, and the way you are seen by others. The Moon represents the emotional part of the personality, and the way you are seen by yourself. The stars are there to help you see the larger picture of the day.

Astrology is a little-known field. There are a lot of people who are interested, but even fewer who use it regularly. So, astrology is still considered somewhat of a “fringe” science, even though its roots date back to Babylonian times.


Weekly astrological predictions for all signs December 28, 2024



A new year is a new era Do more than money can buy Who do you know who is involved in a new kind of success story! Many of us will be glad to say goodbye to 2024 and welcome the coming Aquarian Age and 2024. How has this year changed your value system, Aries? It’s time to think about what you want to accomplish in the new year. On the 28th, the Sun shines on Uranus in your status sector in your house of money.

But it’s more than money can buy. The house truths in this regard will manifest on the 30th when the Full Moon is in the 4th house. It’s about what really matters and supports you. For this reason, and not just for Covid, many of you will want to spend New Year’s Eve with your loved ones and in familiar surroundings. In doing so, you want to preserve all feelings and special ties to something that is invaluable to you.

Past attachment to what is important

Some of you may be hearing from people in your past or from far away this week. And if so, the feelings it evokes in you have more to do with nostalgia than simple homesickness. It can be a timely reminder of what really matters. It can even be an experience, not a thing. Or people more than worldly success. Venus in your 9th connects you to the North Node in your 3rd, as does Neptune in your 12th spiritually.

So the research or goals you set for 2024 will likely have to do with these topics. You now know what success and money can and cannot bring you, Aries. Happy New Year and prosperity in 2024. In a nutshell: Say goodbye to 2024, Aries. In 2024, new staff and resources will be at your disposal. And makes goals and dreams come true. Your values are the building blocks of your success in the new year and in the current period.



You have a lot to say. Ask the future what you want Share your thoughts and goals for the future End 2024 with a real conversation, Taurus. Say what needs to be said. This could be between you and your life partner, a friend, or maybe even in a dialogue with yourself through journaling or meditation. The important thing is that you’ve discussed everything. Somehow. Leave nothing unresolved as we enter 2024.

The conversation can be about what’s really important to you right now. Take your values and what really matters into the new year. You may need to approve changes, so feel free to bring them up for discussion. Make a commitment from the 28th when the Sun is in your 9th house. Trine with Uranus in your 1st house. Only two days before the full moon, it says in your 3rd. The Moon sign will require emotional honesty.

Tell your truth

Venus is in your other house of money, the eighth house. House of emancipation, of sharing, of doing things together and yes, also of sex. He is in square with Neptune in your eleventh year on the 30th. House and is in opposition to the North Node of Venus in the 2nd House on New Year’s Eve. Ask what you want for the future as the year draws to a close. Either from the other side or from the universe by setting goals.

Say what you think this week, Taurus. Also, make sure others know you are serious. The truth gives strength. And it also frees you up for the future. In a nutshell: Before you enter 2024, as a Taurus you probably have some business to take care of. Don’t worry about whether others will like it or not. The only way to survive in the 21st century To be free in the 21st century you must be determined to speak your truth.



Align your values You’re more than enough Start the new year by loving yourself Venus is in your horoscope in the 7th house. House, and on the 30th the Full Moon appears in the other house of Venus – your 2nd house. On this day, Venus also forms a close angle with Neptune in your 10th house. House. During this Full Moon, questions may arise about your status and values.

It could be your job or even your relationship status because of the trine between the Sun in your 8th house and Uranus in your 12th house. How you see yourself and how you think about yourself is determined by what you have or deserve, your position, whether you are married or divorced, etc. Before 2024 begins, the old year wants you to look back and realize that you are so much more than all of these things.

As you are

Setting new standards for partnership, love and self-perception is part of the process of moving from one year to the next. The new year will bring you the karma of love. That was 19 years ago, in 2002. Or start a new cycle, depending on your value system and how you see yourself. Venus is in opposition to the North Node in your 1st house today. House across the street. This means that it is in conjunction with the South Lunar Node.

What is the price of love for you, Gemini? The key to 2024 is knowing that you deserve every advantage, love, adoration and success – just the way you are. Don’t change anything except how you think about yourself. In a nutshell: When you leave 2024 behind, do so in the knowledge that you are much more than you allow yourself to be, Gemini. Self-esteem puts you in a position where you are ready to thrive in the 21st century. A year to achieve much more!



Allow others into your inner world Who will travel with you into the future? 2024 brings a new cycle of intimacy and coziness. The full moon in your 1st. The house of the 30th sheds light on a particular person in your life, Cancer. Or even an empty space waiting to be filled. With the sun in your 7th house. House, as she always does at this time of year, look at how you want to treat others in 2024.

Share your ideas

There may be a close connection behind it. This Full Moon is always important to you, because it asks you to share your thoughts and feelings – the real truth about yourself – with at least one person. It may even be a good friend. People who can influence your future path are in the spotlight when the Sun is in your 7th house. Trine with Uranus in its eleventh on the 28th. Venus is in your 6th house at the beginning of the year. House. It asks you to free yourself from your routine or anything that ties you to the past in an unhealthy way. On the 30th he is in square with Neptune in your ninth year. House.

And then it is in opposition to the North Node in your 12th house on the last day of the year. House. For some, we have come full circle. Back in time in 2002. You can radically rethink the past – break a vicious cycle by simply looking at events in a new way. Or ending a cycle to start a new one. With the intention of completing something, the circle can be closed. And you enter a living and finally free cancer in 2024. In a nutshell: Who is in the spotlight as one year ends and a new one begins, cancer? Someone could hold up a mirror to me. Watch what they send back to you. And get ready for a deeper experience in your relationships in year 21.



What is your new recipe for success? Get in touch with your past In the 21st century. A year of bigger dreams Despite Venus in your fabulous 5th. House, you could end the year in a contemplative mood, Leo. Dive into the realm of your imagination on the 30th, as the full moon marks your 12th birthday. The day is getting brighter. This is the time to visualize what you want to do, undertake and live in 2024.

Exploration of the pure imagination

Sometimes we just have to venture into the realm of imagination. This Moon connects you to your biggest dreams and deepest emotional needs. If you’re interested: If you can dream it, you can do it. Venus is in square with Neptune in your 8th house on the same day. House. Neptune rules your 12th. This process may involve redefining your career path and success for the coming year. Thanks to Uranus in your 10th house. House, many of you may be wondering what makes a success. Or to quote Derek Zoolander: Successful man. The authoritative brilliance of Uranus in your 6th house. Signs that make many of you think you are living in the 21st century. A year for a new kind of success.

On New Year’s Eve, you can connect with other people via Zoom or other means. As you prepare for the New Year, don’t be surprised if you dress like you’re ready to go to a party, even though you’re staying home. Venus is in opposition to the North Node in your 11th house. House, bringing back the karma of old friendships and contacts and reviving old goals. By the time the previous year comes to an end, you feel like you’ve accomplished what you set out to do in 2024. A dream can come true. In a nutshell: See where your dreams will take you, Leo. Especially when it comes to love. The year 2024 and the current era offer you powerful connections. And a chance to make that dream come true.



Evolve. Explore the benefits that change has brought you What is the hidden truth about the targets? As you prepare to say goodbye to 2024, think back to the changes and shifts you’ve made, Virgo. How flexible and adaptable were you? It’s definitely a process. And yes, in some cases, you’ll feel like you were forced and not volunteered. The sun in your 5th house. The 2nd house trine with Uranus on the 28th should show you that much of this, despite appearances, has been in your favor.

Resolutions for current time

This week’s Full Moon on the 30th is in the house of Uranus in your horoscope. It’s time to put your goals under the microscope. Did they move with you? It’s not about good intentions, which most of us don’t keep anyway. It’s something deeper and more emotional. If necessary, reconnect and confirm the commitment under this moon. Venus is in square with Neptune in your 7th house on the same day. House. Is it the person you live with? Does anything need to change in your home, family or household in the new year? Do you shrug them off or tell yourself that what you want isn’t that important?

The karma of 19 years ago can now come back in terms of your status, your lifestyle or your ambitions. The results of the choices you have or have not made and the path you have taken. Are you satisfied with the results? If not, you can make a new choice for 2024. Stay with the evolution, Virgo. In short, 2024 asks you to change, adapt and keep an open mind – especially when it comes to romance and children. Follow the cycle of change for the age of the 21st century. Part of it is prioritizing what you want, Virgo.



Aspects from your past come back with new meaning. Even small successes are worth celebrating Free yourself from your limitations and step into the year 2024! As 2024 draws to a close, do you feel fulfilled or satisfied with how you met the challenges? Or do you think you could have done more? Don’t sell yourself short and don’t devalue what you’ve accomplished, because the Full Moon will appear in your 10th house on the 30th.

Recognition can now be obtained. And sometimes we need to give ourselves that gift. If you reflect on the work you have done, you will be ready for great achievements in 2024. You begin this work by letting go of the burdens and limitations that have held you back since 2018. Changes related to home, family or resources can be made now, so pay close attention from the 28th when the Sun makes a trine with Uranus in your 8th house.

Put your needs first in 2024

Venus, who rules, steers the conversation towards love or what you like to do. Good resolutions for the new year could also include putting yourself first, as Neptune is in square with Neptune in your well-being sector on the 30th. New Year’s Eve evokes events, people and themes from long ago and far away, as Venus is in opposition to the North Node in your ninth house. It can be about strange people or places, the media, learning or true love, whatever it may be. For you, 2024 means a journey into the past, either on a personal level or on a journey of reflection or learning.

Distressed people, places and experiences are described. Looking back at the year 2002. The wheel of life turns in a new way, but it repeats a theme that began long ago. In a nutshell: The limitations you’ve had to live with since 2017 will be behind you for good as we enter 2024, Libra. Get ready to focus on love – and all the things you love to do with the start of a new year and a new era.



What are you willing to do for love? Raise your expectations Start the year 2024! What do you want love to bring you in 2024, Scorpio? Uranus in your 7th. Parliament has asked you this question and will continue to do so next year. What are you willing or unwilling to do for love? Your needs change, and changes in your relationship may reflect that. You need a love that develops your soul. If you are an established Phoenix, plans or shared goals for the coming year may be up for discussion this week, as the Sun is in the 3rd house on the 28th. trine Uranus. As well as grand plans for the future under the influence of the Full Moon in your 9th house. House at 30. Get ready to launch.

What will love bring?

Singles should look for a love that brings something, like emotional support. As the new year approaches, think about what qualities you really need in a partner. The revised list you can make may surprise you. The same goes for the settlers. They want an intoxicating combination of freedom, intimacy, partnership and sharing. And you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. If you failed in a previous relationship, Venus will be in the 2nd house. The square to Neptune in the 5th acknowledges that you are determined not to make the same mistake.

On New Year’s Eve, when Venus is in opposition to the North Node in your house of power, you will take a hard look at your expectations of how you will be treated and rewarded, and how you will be valued and respected by others – both personally and professionally. Love will bring you more in the coming year. Know your worth and don’t be afraid to stand your ground, Scorpio, so that love can be yours in 2024. In a nutshell: If you had trouble expressing your feelings last year, you’ll be open in a new way by the end of the year, Scorpio. Allow others into your emotional world. If you do, you will be able to better understand and address the current times.

Magnetic switch


What comes in its place? All relationships are a reflection of a part of yourself. A new year, a new era, a new you! Venus in your 1st. The house is your attraction. It’s about how you look and feel. As we enter 2024, is it time to make the Fab Five yourself? Or are you just making a resolution to be more passionate about your beauty in the coming year? Changes in your external environment and your home may also reflect this orientation, as Venus is in square with Neptune in your 4th house. Shapes of the house.

When it comes to transformations, feel the vibration of the Full Moon in this sector of your horoscope on the 30th. They also have the sun in the 2nd. Trine with Uranus in the 6th. Investing in things that make you feel good, like nutrition and exercise, can also be part of your New Year, New Perspective, New Self mentality.

Love becomes karma

There is also a great connection to past loves. Venus meets the South Lunar Node in your main house on New Year’s Eve. House. This means that North will give in your 7th. The faces of the house. For others, love karma completes the circle or begins again. What or who gave you Z. B. in 2001-2? Partnerships of all kinds – past, present and potential – will also have a karmic tinge in 2024. If it’s a new person, the subject may be familiar. What has changed is your attitude towards yourself. Or maybe someone who saw, even then, what kind of person you could have become. Love sees the best of us in the future.

A particular person or relationship reflects this. It could even be your own vision. Do you live in the 21st century? Year, Sag. In short, 2024 is about your message, your ideas and how far they can take you, Sag. Refine your visual message in terms of your style, your look. Love karma now closes the circle or provides an exit to a new path.



Looking back, but looking forward to the future. Get a set of new expectations It’s easier to start in 2024! If we want to know what the future holds, we need only go to the past. This is especially true for you this week, Capricorn. First, you have Venus, the planet of love, in your 12th house. The house of the past. News about someone from your past before the start of the new year is one of the aspects of the Venus square with Neptune that rules your 12th, on the full moon day of your 7th.

As you reminisce this week – a common habit at the end of a year and the beginning of a new one – don’t get too nostalgic. Or are you wallowing in self-pity or regret right now. The Sun in your 1st is in trine with Uranus, the planet of the future in your 5th, on the 28th. We need to look forward, not backward. In any case, look at the past to see how your decisions created the present and can affect your future. But I don’t live there anymore.

Making simple decisions

After you’ve collected all the lessons and seen what the result might be, ask yourself: Do you want the same as before or something different this time? It’s not just a year that ends, but a whole cycle. Especially since you are now independent of the weather in your 1. The new year lends itself to shedding more light on your future, as Venus is in opposition to the North Node in your 6th house. That closes the loop for you. You can repeat it or start over.

Go back 19 years, if you’re old enough, and look at the choices you made then, and more importantly, how you felt. Can you relate them to where you are now? The choice is simple. If you want a new future, choose something else. Dare to be unpredictable in 2024, Capricorns. In a nutshell: You’re entering the new year free of all the restrictions that have held you back since 2017, Cappie. Drop the hard work for now. And close the door of regret for a bright and shiny future.



Clarify these values Less is more for a 21-year-old. New Year’s Eve: Now, the age For you Aquarians, it’s not just the beginning of a new year. But the beginning of a new era. However, the landscaping has yet to be completed. Dead wood may need to be trimmed or weeds removed. This week will ask you to let go of everything – ideas, things and situations that tie you to the past. Especially on the 28th, when the sun is in your 12th house. Triangle with Uranus in your 4th house. Think not only about how you want to live your life in the coming year, but also about what you need for the year.

There’s a chance it could be less the more. The full moon in your 6th house. The house at 30 will help you. This is your home of habits, routines, work and well-being. In other words: It will make clear what is useful to you – and what you no longer need. What do you expect from 2024, Waterman? More love! Venus in your 11th house. House of future and love of friendship forms a square with Neptune in the ruling 2nd house on the day of the full moon. House of Venus.

Love is all you need

On New Year’s Eve, Venus is also in conjunction with the North Node in your 5th house. House across the street. Romance, children, romantic relationships that can make you a parent, adoptive parent, aunt or uncle, or a glamorous parent are all relevant right now. This also applies to your creativity, as it is the child of your imagination and mind. Refer to 2002 if you are old enough to find references here. These themes around love will return in the new year. Create space for them to grow, but remove anything that holds them back. In a nutshell: The trials of the mind and soul that you have endured in recent years are behind you. The year 2024 has your name – Aquarius. We live in the age of the now. Love is not just the answer, it’s all you need.



The people you know play a role in your journey Your dreams have a reason to exist. Get ready to expand your world As the new year dawns, Pisces, embrace your dreams and your path to the future. Just understand that not every journey begins with a single step. In fact, it’s the following. Every journey begins with a dream. The Sun is in your house of the future and is in trine with Uranus, who rules this house, on the 28th in your 3rd house. You may hear news or hear from someone who will have a significant impact on the coming year. But it’s also a great transition to turn that dream into a goal. The Full Moon on the 30th puts you in a dreamy, playful and romantic mood. And you will find ways to express it.

This is the perfect full moon to celebrate the end of the year with someone special. Or dive into what you love to do. Venus in your 10th house. The house of status and success squares with your ruler Neptune in your 1st house on the same day. It’s a reminder that when you dream, you need to have a plan of action – and thus the next step. Have you ever imagined doing something or achieving something in the past, starting it and only coming to the end? Or did you dream about it, but didn’t follow through with it?

Dream on!

Or have you achieved what you set out to do and now need a new dream? Think back to 2002 and what you started or wanted to do then. You have the opportunity to start over when Venus is in conjunction with the North Node in your 4th house. The faces of the house. It’s a self-determined future. Others may have a vision and are taking a serious step in that direction for the first time. The year 2024 wants you to do more than just dream. Dream first and then take the first step on the path. In a nutshell: Get ready for Jupiter to expand your horizons in 2024. Meanwhile, explore where your imagination can take you. Then use the beginning of the new year to take steps to bring that vision to life, Pisces.

We are about to enter a new year with all its changes and challenges. If there is one thing to be happy about, it is that you are about to experience a new era of life. The year 2024 is the year of the dragon, a year that will come with new opportunities and challenges. If there is one thing that people tend to dislike, it is a quiet period. This is the time to act, to be actively involved in the world. The year 2024 is the year of the dragon, a year that will come with new opportunities and challenges. If there is one thing that people tend to dislike, it is a quiet period. This is the time to act, to be actively involved in the world.. Read more about horoscopes for 21st december 2024 and let us know what you think.