6 Thing to Know Before Playing the Dragon Tiger Casino Game for The First Time

Everyone knows by now that the ingenuity of casino games providers goes a long way. They have all the means and things to come up with a whole bunch of different games just to make sure to get you to the table and play. When it comes to this particular casino game there is a huge debate whether the Dragon Tiger game is a whole new game by itself or is it a variant of everyone’s favourite – baccarat.

This is where the conundrum starts because most people think that this is a variant of the two-card baccarat while others state that it is a standalone game that simply resembles baccarat. Whatever the case it is, and we will not go into detail about what it is, the Dragon Tiger casino game is a very popular one for that matter. There are more and more people playing it for many different reasons, we presume that at least one is because it is similar to baccarat.

According to some, it draws roots from Cambodia but its Dragon Tiger name draw a lot from Buddhist philosophy where it can be portrayed as a balance of power between strength and toughness vs softness and being wise. Today we have prepared, together with the friends from this website, a few things that you need to know if you are first starting the Dragon Tiger casino game.

1. Learn the rules

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Since baccarat and dragon and tiger games are so similar it is a good rule of thumb to learn the rules of baccarat first. It will be a lot easier to go on to the other game easily when you get the grasp of the baccarat game. The difference between the two games is so small that it is nearly neglectable.

Get all the rules and ins and outs of the game and you are that close to being a winner with no trouble at all. this is the most obvious and most basic of advice but you wouldn’t believe how much of the first-timers at any type of casino game lose just because they feel all high and mighty and think that they know it all. Rules first then you can progress to other things.

2. Online games

If you are an online gambler then you need to find a decent casino that has a reputation among gamblers and that does offer the game you like. The best casinos are easy to track down just look for their credentials, look for the payment methods and ask around for any issues some might have come across. A good casino will not have any bad reviews and will not have unsatisfied customers.

Thanks to the power of the internet and search query you can find all kinds of ratings, Reddit pages or any other pages that have a whole bunch of users stating their impressions of an online casino and their services. A little digging around will go a long way since your money is at stake, so don’t be lazy.

3. The game

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It is easy to be carried away during a game which is why a good gambler is a person that can control their emotions, bank and surroundings to a point. If you want to be successful at any game that has a dealer involved a good idea is to observe how a dealer operates and try to pick up on the game progression and movements which will give you a chance to develop a strategy that might bring you some cash.

Dissect every game and try to get the lesson from each one. Don’t just count on the games you lost, analyze the movements in the games you have won and see if there was anything else that could be done to be more productive.

4. Stick to main bets

Whenever you are taking on a new game do not experiment too much. Try and stick to the main bets that will give you50-50 chances. When you get this advice you will easily be able to transfer to all other bets that are more lucrative but possibly less attractive due to the possibility of losing more than gaining. The best odds you can have are those 50-50 odds that the base bets in the tiger dragon game offer and you should definitely stick to those at first and then progress accordingly.

5. Do not follow patterns

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These types of games will make most gamblers believe that there is some sort of patterns that can be followed. This is a big mistake because of you follow patterns it means that you have to ante up every game to make the most of it. This will leave you shorthanded especially when you know that this game does not have any patterns and that are easily picked pt. it can easily be that a tiger side wins three in a row and that you will bet that side again thinking that it is a pattern and that you are on a winning streak. This is a big mistake because it can easily flip sides and make you lose a lot of money.

6. Side bets

In this game, there are many side bets you can take for a lot larger profit but what you should know is that those bets are there to make you return some of your winnings if you made them because you believe that you can take the house on. One of the worst side bets in the dragon tiger game is the tie bet. This bet offers you a chance to win big at 8 to 1 odds which are virtually impossible to hit.

The house has a huge advantage over this bet and very little tie results over the entire possible number of combinations. This is the reason why the odds and potential win is so big. If you know what is good for you try and avoid it. To sum up the entire article, the dragon tiger game is a straightforward one.

The best thing you can do is to know all the rules and develop your playstyle from there. Going all-in with some strategies and possible patterns you found online might make you lose all your cash so be careful. Analyze for yourself and play however you think is the best just try and stick to main bets and avoid any type of crazy odd side bet at any cost.