4 Effective Ways to Store Watches You Don’t Regularly Wear

Watches are a possession that many people take pride in, so it is essential to know how to store them when not in use. There are several ways to store wristwatches. These include, but are not limited to, putting them in a safe, storing them on a shelf or rack. The majority of watches come with a warranty for protection against damage and maintenance.

Wristwatch companies provide details about what you should do with your watch if it is not working properly or needs repair or servicing. But to keep expensive wristwatches safe from theft, one should always keep wristwatches safe. If you have a collection of wristwatches that you don’t wear regularly, here are some safe-keeping options you should consider.

1. Store in a Wristwatch Box

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If you are not actively using your watch, it is best to store it somewhere safe. This way, if you accidentally knock it off your wrist or step on it, damaging the watch. To prolong the life of your expensive wristwatch, you should take care of it when not in use, and storing the watch in a box is one way to protect it.

The quality of the wristwatch boxes depends on the wristwatch. For example, Omega Watches come with wristwatch boxes that are made out of solid material and can protect your watch from outside materials like dust, moisture, and other particles. These boxes also keep watching away from contact with other objects that could scratch or damage them.

Wristwatch owners can use different types of boxes to store their watches when not in use: wooden boxes and solid plastic ones are some examples. Wooden boxes are often used for watches with precious gemstones on the dials because they emit an anti-tarnish agent that preserves these gems. Plastic cases are generally recommended because they provide better protection against dirt and scratches, plus they don’t absorb water, unlike wood.

2. Store in a Wristwatch Pouch

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The traditional way of storing your wristwatch has been keeping it on top of your dresser or wardrobe. But this doesn’t guarantee protection as well as keeping them inside a pouch does.

The goal of storing a watch is to protect it from external or internal factors that may damage the watch when not in use. Some external factors include damage by insects and moisture from air or water. In contrast, internal factors include pressure from other objects in the same container, which could cause damage to the watch if it is not protected.

External factors can cause corrosion of metal parts, leading to oxidation and weakening of the metal structure over time. Meanwhile, moisture can also cause rusting, which will gradually weaken metal parts until they break off.

To protect your wristwatch from damage, it is essential to store it in a pouch when not in use. There are various types of pouches available, so choose one that’s best for you.

Storing your wristwatch in a wristwatch pouch will protect it from scratches, dust, and other harmful elements. A wristwatch pouch is essential for any watch collector, especially if you regularly travel with your wristwatch. It also helps to protect their beloved watches from getting damaged or scratched, ensuring that they are always in good condition.

A watch pouch can be made of leather, canvas, or suede and has a zipper closure to keep the watch securely inside the compartment, protecting it from dust and other particles that could cause damage to the delicate mechanisms inside.

3. Store in a Cigar Humidor

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Many individuals have a wristwatch that they wear regularly, and others have a wristwatch that they only wear on special occasions. For those who do not wear their watches very often, storing them can be a tricky business. It is essential to know the right way to store your wristwatch to ensure it stays in good condition and lasts as long as possible.

There are many storage options available. If you don’t like the idea of storing your watch in the box or container it came with, consider investing in something like a cigar humidor. This way, you are ensured that they will always stay dry.

4. Store in a Safe With Lock

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If you have a collection of wristwatches, you will want to take care of it and keep it working for many years to come. The best way to do that is to store your watch properly when it is not being worn so that its inner workings are not at risk of being jarred or jostled about during everyday activities.

Some people store their watches in a regular box at home, but the best option is a well-padded safety deposit box at the bank – or an actual safe with a lock and key at home.

Wristwatches are some of the most expensive items that people might want to keep at home. So, it is vital to store them in a protected safe when they are not being worn so they will not get scratched or even stolen while they are being stored. The best place to store your watch is locked up in a safe where it will remain untouched by anyone without a password or pin.


Wearing a wristwatch is an expression of who you are and what you stand for. It is essential to make sure that you take care of them in the right way. If you want to store your wristwatch when it is not in use, make sure to put them away in the right place. There are many ways of storing your expensive wristwatches or other precious jewelry pieces when they’re not being worn.

Wristwatches are precious devices. When you are not wearing them, it is crucial to find a safe place to store them, so they don’t get scratched or broken. A good option is to keep the wristwatch in its original box when you are not using it. This will prevent it from being scratched or even dropped. You can also invest in a watch winder which will keep the timepiece wound and ready for use when needed.