Top 5 Most Used Forklift Brands In Australia – 2024 Guide

Did you know that most of the forklift manufacturing brands are from Asia and Europe?

Every manufacturer creates the forklift differently, thus, their life duration, strength and production facilities vary from one another largely.

A huge number of businesses in Australia rely on forklifts for their operations. To maximize their productivity, they utilise the best forklifts so that their tasks can be managed seamlessly. However, this investment is not a small one and a lot has to be considered before buying one. And you need to make sure that you are picking the right manufacturer as well. Thus, we have listed the top 5 best forklifts in Australia that you can trust wholeheartedly.

1. Clark

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Clark forklifts are often seen on various work sites in Australia. This brand is famous for creating one of the biggest forklifts back in 1917. And since then, it hasn’t failed to impress its customers and has been leading the industry of trucks of all types. Till now, Clark has manufactured more than a million units of trucks globally.

2. Toyota

Toyota has been the number one forklift seller in Australia since 2002. The brand focuses on building superior and premium quality forklifts and is famous for its durability, high performance, and reliability. The quality of Toyota forklifts is praised endlessly by its users. Toyota is dedicated to innovating new lift trucks through the utilization of the latest technology and engineering procedures.

3. Crown

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Crown is popular for creating high-quality lift trucks, including forklifts. It designs, engineers and manufactures the best forklifts in Australia. 85% of the components of the forklifts are manufactured by the company itself. From the motor to the drive units and even the electronic modules; everything is made by Crown. It is famous for bringing the safest forklifts to the market.

4. Yale

Yale is a favorite in the Australian market and it is fighting hard to be one of the leading lift truck manufacturers globally. It has one of the most comprehensive lines of the engine and electric-powered equipment, including forklifts. It is popular for producing high-performance forklifts. Furthermore, it offers financing and maintenance services too for the forklifts that you purchase through them.

5. Linde

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Linde started back in 1905 and it is gradually growing in popularity in the Australian market. It is still a less popular choice than the above-mentioned names but it offers amazing features in its forklifts which makes this one end up in this list. The load wheels on its eletruck trucks are appreciated a lot by the users. Moreover, the company is utilizing technology to add more responsive and smart systems to their machinery.


The best forklift manufacturing brands are the ones that offer reliability, quality, durability, value, safety and productivity. And the above-mentioned brands offer you all of these elements. Thus, you can trust in these wholeheartedly and make a pick that you like the most. Make sure to do in-depth research before investment.