Sensoria Introduces Smarter Upper Body Garments

Sensoria is a company that makes wearable technology for the gym, but they’re not just for the fitness freaks. Their latest product, the Sensoria Wearable Tech, is for anyone who just wants to enjoy the day, but doesn’t want to be an aerobic-machine when they’re not. The device is a smart shirt that is designed to track mood, activity, and general wellness, helping you to track your progress and stay motivated.

Sensoria, a new design, fashion and lifestyle brand, was founded by R&D scientists at the Columbia University, New York. Sensoria is making a new line of smart clothes that are designed to help you monitor your fitness and health. Sensoria clothing has sensors embedded in the cloth to monitor your vital signs and send the data to a mobile app on your phone. With the app, you can track your fitness activity, including steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate.

Sensoria, the leading maker of smart fabrics, just announced a new line of materials that are designed to protect you from the dangers of everyday life on the go. The Sensoria Smart Fabric line includes the T-Shirt, Jacket, Jacket Back Panel, and Smart Band; all of which offer proximity sensing technology, activity tracking via the armband, and wireless communication via the back panel. They have an app to match!


Sensoria, a leading provider of wearable fitness technology and smart clothing, introduces a new line of smart bras and colorful sports T-shirts, as well as workout plans offered by the new Sensoria Fitness v2.0 app. The new app, which uses an algorithm developed and tested by cardiologists called Heart Sentinel, connects to heart rate monitoring (HRM) devices and can detect certain arrhythmias. The new apparel is designed to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts of all levels, including a new medium-performance sports bra for women and a new short-sleeved t-shirt for men. A new line of chic T-shirts and sports bras is launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production and release of a red and blue medium support sports bra and a short-sleeved T-shirt. The company plans to use the additional funds for new colors, such as. B. Lime green, to be used.

Sensoria’s new patent-pending algorithm, developed by cardiologists, continuously monitors the likelihood of a user’s cardiac arrhythmia during exercise and provides a countdown to confirm that he or she is still conscious, or alerts selected family members or friends via text message so they can call for help, said Dr. Nicola Gaibazzi, a cardiologist at the University of Parma Hospital in Italy. Heart Sentinel can also help locate a person using GPS coordinates. Participants in the crowdfunding campaign will be the first to benefit from the new algorithm and contribute to the improvement of the Sensoria fitness app. Participants in the crowdfunding campaign can receive additional rewards such as the Smart Running System and access to the Sensoria Fitness v2.0 app with free workout plans for three months or longer, depending on the amount donated.


Sensoria is a line of garments that are made to fit your body, not the other way around. The Sensoria line of clothing is made of high-performance fabrics that serve as a medium between skin and fabric. Sensoria fabric is treated with a special coating that allows it to conduct electricity, mimicking the touch of a human hand. Sensoria garments are made to fit your body, not the other way around.. Read more about sensoria shirt and let us know what you think.