Sensoria Introduces Smarter Upper Body Garments

Sensoria is a company that makes wearable technology for the gym, but they’re not just for the fitness freaks. Their latest product, the Sensoria Wearable Tech, is for anyone who just wants to enjoy the day, but doesn’t want to be an aerobic-machine when they’re not. The device is a smart shirt that is designed … Read more

OnePlus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition launched along with Johnny Silverhand Charging Stand

The OnePlus Watch has finally been released in India, and stores around the world are currently selling the device for a hefty price, especially considering that it is a limited edition. The company has been a little quiet on the matter until today, when they announced that the watch would be available for purchase from … Read more

What Are the Best Walking Watches in 2024?

There are many different types of time pieces on the market today. Some are actually watches, others are less-than watches. Each has their own purpose and many people have a preference when it comes to choosing a timepiece to wear on their wrist. As you know, March is just around the corner, which means that … Read more