How to Get the Rick Scott J Cooper Florida Ice Scholarship – 2024 Guide

In every society, students represent a special category to which each country should pay special attention. Students are the people on whom the idea of progress and development of a society is based. These are future scientists, directors, doctors, renowned artists, etc. and that is precisely why they have a great responsibility. Support for these young people and inspiration to give their best is really necessary. Precisely as a support, there are a large number of scholarships that make it easier to study and give motivation. Unlike student loans, scholarships are non-refundable and without any further obligations. In addition to those scholarships that force the filling of vacancies in the labor market, some scholarships really want to support talent. One such scholarship is the Scott Jason Cooper whose detailed conditions you could find on.

This scholarship is in many ways special and popular among students. This program is something that inspires not only students, but also responsible people in the office. With its actions and ideas, it fights against the useless filling of vacancies. The scholarship program we are talking about not only enables students to find themselves in the labor market, but also offers them tools for quality and successful study.


The Scott Jason Cooper Scholarship Program offers a variety of $ 500.00 scholarships to all higher student’s education in business, marketing, theater, film, communications, journalism, education, or fitness.

If you are one of the students with the interest mentioned above, and at the same time creative and self-confident, here are guidelines on how to apply for this scholarship in 2024.

The first prerequisite to apply for this scholarship is that you are currently attending or have just enrolled in one of the accredited colleges in the US or Canada. If you meet this condition, we are pleased to present condition number two. It is necessary to write an essay with 500 or fewer words on one of the following topics (topics are for the application valid for 2024):


1. What is your opinion that NYC mandating proof of COVID vaccination for most indoor activities?

2. A probe into New York Governor Cuomo found that he sexually harassed multiple women. Should he resign?

3. If you were President Biden’s political consultant, what would you advise him to do about oil and gas development in the Arctic?

So once again, choose the topic that is closest to your interest and express your opinion within 500 words. It really doesn’t sound complicated! From year to year, this program inspires more and more students across our country. It used to be videos, sometimes commercials, this year they are essays.

If you are really interested in something like this, follow the site of this organization or any site that combines competitions of this type, and stay up to date. Mostly every year, applications are submitted by mid-September, while the ranking list of those who received a scholarship is published in early October. Don’t be late and we wish you good luck!