4 Essential Rules of Soccer Betting All Beginners Should Follow

We will not exaggerate if we say that soccer is the most popular sport in three quarters of the world. In Europe and in many other parts of the world it is called football, not soccer and has a status almost like a religion. For example, ask a S.S.C. Napoli fans who is almost equal to the God and they will tell you that it is Maradona. But it’s not the only reason why soccer is so popular around the globe and increasingly in the USA too. Another reason is soccer betting that can bring you a significant amount of money. To made a good money from betting, you need to know the essential rules of soccer betting and always stick to them.

1. Avoid betting on your favorite team

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If you are completely new to the world of soccer, then you probably don’t have a favorite team and then that won’t be a problem for you. But after watching a few matches, you will like at least one team more than others and then you should avoid betting on that team.

And especially if it is a team that you watch from childhood and you experience each of its successes and failures as your own. While it would be logical for you to know all about the team and be able to assess its real potential which is very important for betting, judging will always be clouded by your hopes that the players will give their maximum and win. So if you want to really make money from soccer betting and it happens at least a few times a month and not twice for the whole season, you should very rarely put money into matches where your favorite plays.

2. Watch soccer

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You don’t have to become a die-hard soccer fan to bet successfully, but if you never watch a single game, you don’t have a great chance of success. So whenever you have the chance, watch at least one half. Many online casinos, such as UFABET, offer you the opportunity to watch soccer for free, so you should take advantage of it and watch soccer while thinking about which matches to bet on.

3. Types of bets

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Until 10 years ago and more, there weren’t a lot of different types of bets. All soccer betting fans mostly played which team would win, a draw or the number of goals to be scored in the match. But today the situation is different. There are more than 100 different types of bets available for each match, so you need to know exactly what you want to play, not play at random, and not be 100% sure what you invested your money in. Otherwise, you will lose money.

4. Strategy and betting log

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It is important that you have a strategy when and how much to bet. Don’t let yourself fall into the vicious circle of betting on every game, because even though it will bring you some money, you will probably lose even more. And what will best help you to always stick to your strategy is betting log. That way you will know exactly how much money you spent and how much you won.


If you bet on soccer with strategy and knowledge, it is very likely that it will bring you profit.