December 28th Weekly Astrology Forecast 2020

The December 28th Weekly Astrology Forecast is a time-proven method to see what the month ahead is going to bring for your love life, career prospects, financial status, and many other things, for a year ahead. The Sun is the ruler of your sign today, and represents you in the life purpose. The little one … Read more

Astrology of April 2021- Forward Momentum –

For those of you who don’t know, I am a professional astrologer and a full-time professional astrologer that works with the stars. There is nothing that I am not able to accurately read into the future based on your birth chart. I am able to predict the future, the past, what is happening right now, … Read more

Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 7 – 13, 2021

It’s only been a week since the last astrology forecast, so how much has the week ahead changed? Here’s how the current week looks, as well as a percent chance of each astrological sign making a major impact on your life. The Sun, Moon and Mercury enter Virgo at the beginning of June. Mercury is … Read more

Wicca Magic for Beginners | Wicca spells

Wicca Magic for Beginners | Wicca spells is the name of the blog I have set out to write. I am a Wiccan, witch, virgin, altarist,elder. I am a Wiccan of many traditions, and have been practicing magic for a little over a year. I am not a professional, by no means, but I do … Read more

Astrology of Being a Career Late Bloomer

You know who’s a great example of a hard worker who missed out on success? Childhood wasn’t exactly kind to him, but if it happened to you, don’t give up! Despite the obstacles you may face as an adult, you can still follow your dreams and become a success. This blog post is about how … Read more